The Traveler

I was bitten by the travel bug at quite a young age, thanks to summer vacations to places such as Cape Cod, the southern coast of Maine and Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. Of course, if I'd had it my way we would have gone to Walt Disney World every year--but my parents would have none of that! Throughout high school I was blessed with adventurous parents who took me to Colorado and on a Southern Caribbean cruise, not to mention sending me on school trips to Virginia and Italy.

College brought a new opportunity for me--the Walt Disney World College Program. I participated in this internship from August 2001 to January 2002 and continued to return to Disney throughout my years as a student. After graduating I landed a job as a Restaurant Guest Service Manager at Disney's MGM Studios, but the schedule and money simply didn't mesh with one hobby I refused to give up: traveling.

After leaving Disney, it's not surprising that I continued to slave away in the travel industry--just in a much different area. I worked as a travel agent for some years before leaving to pursue (yet again) a better-paying job/career. And so here I am today, with a late-20-year-old's lifetime of travel under my belt and the continuing desire to share my knowledge and experiences with others!

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I also have a personal blog, A Geek Saga, in which I post more personal information/thoughtful entries, book and product reviews, and more :o)

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