Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Carnival Liberty 2.0 [PARTY CRUISE WOOOO!] Vacation, Part 12

When I last wrote we had just boarded the Liberty after an amazing day in St. Thomas/St. John, and because we didn't even get back on the ship until 4:30-ish we basically had just enough time to shower and get read for dinner. This night's menu was a bit disappointing, though - something that all four of us agreed upon.

I started with the tomato & mozzarella appetizer, and also tasted Steve's asparagus vischy. The vischy was very blase - I just felt like it had no *body* to it - and while my appetizer was good there was not enough of the pesto or cheese when compared to the tomato slices, which in themselves were basically tasteless.

As I mentioned, there wasn't much of interest on the menu, especially in the manner of entrees...I settled on the turkey dinner and was honestly SHOCKED at how good it was! The turkey was really moist and tasty and it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

For dessert I couldn't bring myself to order off the regular menu and instead asked about a kid's dessert menu. Our server acted like such a thing didn't exist (though I'd been told it did by past cruisers) and when I pressed him a bit he reluctantly listed off a few things. I ended up getting a banana split and it was delicious, even if the server did very obviously think I was a weirdo for wanting it, haha.

We returned to our room to find another awesome towel animal by the incomparable Noel! I'm guessing it was a Loch Ness monster?

We went to Bingo again this night, but it was our last time doing so as it was only one actual Bingo game for $20. We did get free cash craze things but...meh. Again, I think that I was just spoiled with the Bingo on our Princess Alaska cruise...I swear we used to buy the triple cards for the same $20 but play off them for like 10 games or something.

That's okay though...we consoled ourselves over our Bingo loss with another trip to Alchemy

Ioana doing the burning orange peel thing:

I have to say that one of the things I loved about this bar was that if you weren't keen on anything that they had on the menu, you could say "make me something", the mixologist would ask you a couple of questions, and you would end up with a surprise drink that was pretty much always absolutely amazing.

Due to copious amounts of rumosas, several Bon Voyage + soda card gin and tonics on my part, and those last couple drinks at Alchemy, we were in bed fairly early this night. It was Puerto Rico next, and SEGWAYS!


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