Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Carnival Liberty 2.0 [Party Cruise WOOOO!] Vacation, Part 9

Back to our first day at sea! Once the cocktail party and bingo were over, we basically just wandered around for a bit before heading back to our room to get ready for the first formal night. We had meant to try to take pictures beforehand but ended up not having time...and that comes into play later.

For dinner I ordered the pumpkin soup appetizer, which I remembered absolutely *loving* on our Dream cruise. It was still good but a lot more...bland, than I remembered, maybe?

And for the entree...the lobster and shrimp, of course!

Now, the shrimp WERE small, but they were really good - personally I do *not* believe that bigger is always better when it comes to shrimp. The mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli were yummy as well. The lobster, on the other hand...meh. It was very small, which I expected because that's how it was on our last cruise...but it was also extremely tough, which was very disappointing.

Steve had the prime rib which was thankfully very good, though.

For dessert I wasn't too keen on much of the menu and finally decided on the apple puff pastry. Again, while it was decent, it was also very bland...I know that puff pastry itself is very airy and doesn't have much taste, but I think the apples should have been spiced better and there should have been ice cream rather than the tasteless cream or whatever it was in the pastry. Also the caramel sauce should have been incorporated into the dessert rather than served on the side.

Okay, sorry, I'll get off my four-years-in-the-restaurant-industry kick now...haha

After dinner we returned to our room to find a towel animal that I'm *still* not sure about. The only thing I can figure is that it's supposed to be one of the "Shy Guys" in Super Mario Bros. 2 for old school, comparison:

Right? RIGHT? haha

So after our quick stop in the room we decided to head down and see about photo ops, because when we'd left the dining room the lines had been INSANE at of the backdrops. That had been around 7:30 and they continued to be that insane until at least 8:15, if not later.

Unfortunately when the lines died down we were waiting for Rachel and Josh, and by the time they found us (at Alchemy of course!) the lines were crazy again...this was about 9 PM, and it continued until close to 10. Needless to say, none of us wanted to wait in a crazy line just to get our picture taken, so we figured we'd do it another night...what we REALLY wanted was to get our picture taken with the Titanic backdrop, because, well, we're that generation. So Steve and I only got one [informal] picture taken on the first formal night...but at least it was at Alchemy! haha

And Ioana made me a special drink to help me feel better (or feel nothing? heh) about not getting a "professional" photo this night...note the giant block of chocolate! They shaved off that thing all week, haha.

And at least we got a decent picture of us hanging at Alchemy on Formal Night :)

Eventually we donned our bathing suits and headed up to the Lido for the big screen movies and some hot tub time. I have to note that I don't understand what was up with the big screen movies on our cruise! When we were on the Dream they at least advertised them in the Fun Times every night, and though one night they did play a football game instead, the movies they were showing were sort of "first run" - i.e. movies that were either just about to come out on DVD/Blu-ray or movies that had JUST come out on DVD/Blu-ray. However, on this cruise they only advertised the movies on three nights, and on all of those nights they were OLD movies (one of the older Superman movies on either Saturday or Sunday night, P.S. I Love You & 13 Going on 30 on Monday night, and later in the week - I think maybe Thursday night - A.I. and Men in Black.)

Apparently they DID play movies on other nights but we only found out about them after the fact! And I'm telling you, I *scoured* the Fun Times looking for the movies every day because they were one of our favorite things about the Dream cruise. So disappointing...why add the giant screen to the Liberty if you're going to practically act as if it doesn't exist? Sigh.

And as for the hot tubs...all week we only found ONE (the one up under the slide) that was actually hot. The ones on the Lido were barely even warmer than the pool (in fact, I'm still not sure they were).

We did go to the late-night buffet this night as well - it was fairly small, just hot dogs, grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, buffalo chicken sandwiches, cookies and brownies. I'm not big on buffalo chicken but the sandwiches were still good, and Josh absolutely loved them. The grilled ham and cheese sandwiches were good as well.

Anyway, having already seen 13 going on 30, I bowed out about thirty minutes before the movie ended...St Thomas was the next day and I wanted to be rested up (and not hungover, haha) for our St. John Champagne Catamaran Sail!

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