Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Carnival Liberty 2.0 [Party Cruise WOOOO!] Vacation, Part 4

I swear I'm all over the place with this travelogue, and I'm sorry. I got really into writing about the issues we had with our dining and whatnot that I forgot to write up all sorts of stuff that I meant to post. Sad.

After dinner we headed straight to the Alchemy Bar. I'd heard so much about it that I just knew it had to become our choice hangout spot (we inevitably have one on every cruise...on our Disney Cruise, the adults-only coffee shop/martini bar, for example, and on our last Carnival Cruise, the piano bar). And I was right...Alchemy was definitely "it" for us! First things first, martini tastings!

Now they had a deal where if you did two tastings/tasted all eight options (tastings were $16 each instead of $17 each on the first night) you would get a full-sized martini of your favorite.

^^^ For my tasting I tried the following (from left to right):

Mint Martini - my favorite! but I'm a big mint fan.
Radical Cure - this one had lavender in it, so I wasn't too keen, but it was EXTREMELY strong, which I suppose could be fun...haha
Peach Cosmo - if you like sweet drinks and/or peach, you'd probably love this. I'm not big on either, so it was a bit much for me.
Chipotle Pineapple - I've seen others on the CC boards rant and rave about this one. It *was* very good, but again not really my thing, so the Mint Martini was by far my favorite.

^^^ This picture was actually my friend Rachel's tasting. She had the Radical Cure and the Chipotle Pineapple as well (in the middle); the other two were the Forty is the new Twenty (on the far right) and [I think] the Youthful & Bold Berritini (on the far left). I think she enjoyed those last two (Forty is... & the Youthful...) the most.

We actually ended up staying at Alchemy Bar until close...no surprises there! haha. Steve didn't participate in the tasting outside of a few tiny sips of some of my options, but he did have a Caribbean Manhattan and, well, several other drinks.

We pretty much fell in love with Adri, Ioana, and Daniel, who were the "usual" Alchemy staff, at least for our cruise. Adri especially because she is a Game of Thrones fan and so are we. On our very first night we started calling her khaleesi (sort of like "Queen", for those of you who haven't watched the show/read the books), and as the week went on that spread out into calling her "blood of our blood"/"blood of my blood" and eventually I'm pretty sure we referred to her as "moon of our life"/"moon of my life" and possibly even our "sun and stars" more than once. Yes, she was that good! haha

Also, Steve apparently wears his sunglasses at night ::rolls eyes::

We arrived back at our room well after midnight to our first towel animal of the cruise!

I gotta admit that I was a bit disappointed in this particular towel animal. We had some *awesome* ones on our cruise on the Dream. But it turned out that our room steward Noel (gah I hope I'm spelling that right) was just getting started. He ended up being possibly the best room steward I've ever had, but more on that later!

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