Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Carnival Liberty 2.0 [Party Cruise WOOOO!] Vacation, Part 7

Okay, I wanted to throw in the last couple pictures I took of HMC:

I love going to the Caribbean in May, I've decided (well, mid-May). The flowers are always in bloom and gorgeous!

The Oasis! We *really really really* wanted to rent this for the day, but we couldn't find enough people to split the $1400 cost with us (you can have up to 12 people, and all alcohol is included!). boooooo. ;)

(If you can't tell, as a whole we enjoyed HMC...I just think that Carnival doesn't really know how to handle the days they spend at this island, especially not with a ship of the Liberty's size - I don't know if a smaller ship would make it easier, or what.

I will say that when we arrived back at the little shopping/port area the store was closed. I had been in there earlier in the day and when I opened the door and they said they were closed I was super disappointed. I wanted a Half Moon Cay shot glass, and you can ONLY get them on HMC. One of the employees remembered me from earlier in the day and asked me if all I was getting was a shot glass; I said yes and that I already knew which one I wanted, so she let me come in and buy it. To be honest that was one of very few times that we experienced a Carnival employee truly going out of their way for us, but it was still really cool of her and I was very happy to get my HMC shot glass! [I collect them])

Because of our late departure from HMC, and because of how long we had to wait on the tender before we could get back on the Liberty, getting ready for dinner was a rush job this night. We actually showed up a good 15-20 minutes late...oops! Thankfully when we had arrived back in our rooms there were cards waiting for us with our new dinner assignment - we were all in the Golden Dining Room and all at the same table! Finally. ::rolls eyes::

One thing I was worried about on our first night was that they didn't have the French bread that my husband was so enamored with on our last Carnival cruise! Thankfully they had it this night and it was just as good

This night I couldn't decide between the chicken quesadillas and the french onion soup for an appetizer, so I got both! Unfortunately the quesadillas were so good (as always, I love those things) that I chowed down on them before I could get a picture. The French onion soup was better than I remember it being on our Carnival Dream cruise at the end of 2010, but still not as good as I make at home... ;)

My husband and my friend Rachel both had the sushi sampler and were very impressed...which is saying something as Rachel and her husband lived near San Fransisco for many years, so they know good sushi! Weirdly enough, though, there were no chopsticks to be had. They didn't come with the sushi plate and when Rachel asked our waiter for them he pretty much looked at her like she was crazy. Sigh. Who eats sushi with a fork, really? haha

For dinner I wasn't too keen on most of the menu so I got the comfort food item again - the meatloaf, this time. Now, I'd seen some people ranting on this very board about how awful the meatloaf was, so I have to admit that I was a bit concerned...but honestly...and I swear I'm not trying to be rude...I'm wondering if those who didn't like it were expecting something like mom's homemade meatloaf? Because this was more of a Bavarian-style meatloaf with a gravy, which I've had before. So though it wasn't quite what I was expecting (it being the "comfort food" menu item made me and surely others think it would be homestyle meatloaf that's more loosely packed and comes topped with a bunch of chilli sauce or ketchup) it was actually very good. IF you know what Bavarian meatloaf is, what it's supposed to look and taste like, etc.

Long story short: while I can understand people not liking the meatloaf, just because it's different from what you're used to doesn't mean it's bad, right?

Now, I didn't order a soda with my meal but Rachel and Josh did, and they didn't receive said sodas until we were almost done with our entrees! Thankfully this was the only night that happened but I don't really understand how it took so long to get a soda. It's not like they ordered some complicated mixed drink. Ah well.

Last but not least, I wasn't too interested in any of the nightly dessert offerings and therefore ordered the infamous warm chocolate melting cake! This time I was smart enough to ask for double ice cream, though, which definitely helped with the richness of this dessert...

We actually stopped back at our room before "going out" for the night and found another great towel animal by Noel!

And this is where I will also take a moment to mention that he was probably the best room steward I've *ever* had. I mean, the room stewards have always taken the time to learn at least my last name (you know, calling me 'Miss Whatever'), I've had some good towel animals, they've always been polite and pleasant...but Noel seriously went above and beyond. He stopped my husband in the hall outside our room to introduce himself at about 4 PM on our first day, and later that night when I called to ask for a bucket of ice he called me by name and had the ice in our room within a minute, literally (on our last cruise, the first time we called for a bucket of ice it was several hours before it showed up). After that, there were always *two* full buckets of ice in our room.

Not only that, but he *always* said hello and called us by name. Every. Single. Time. that he saw us. Anytime we asked for something, it was there within a couple minutes at most. He was honestly just awesome and I can't say enough good things about him!

Now, as you can see from the pictures below, we ended up at Alchemy again! No surprises there...and the great thing was, because of the staggered meal times and whatnot, there were very few times we weren't able to find seats at the bar...and even when we couldn't, usually someone would leave within 20 minutes and we were able to belly up! Also, the bartenders always recognized us after just the first night. Even when we were just walking by and not stopping, they would say hello! (Well, if they weren't crazy busy mixing drinks, but obviously it didn't hurt our feelings if they outright didn't see us...haha)

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