Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our Carnival Liberty 2.0 [Party Cruise WOOOO!] Vacation, Part 5

Oh hey day 2! FINALLY, I know. :)

As our May 2012 Carnival Liberty cruise pretty much had THE BEST Eastern Caribbean itinerary ever, day 2 of our cruise was...HALF MOON CAY! Now, I'd been to a cruise line island before - Disney's Castaway Cay - so I had high expectations. But at the same time I had my concerns about the whole tender thing, because the only excursion we had any desire to do was the Oasis, but we couldn't get enough people interested in splitting it with us :( . This meant that for the first time ever I'd have to deal with picking up a tender number...hence my concern.

We decided to sleep in a bit, have a leisurely breakfast in the main dining room (in the future you'll see me refer to this as the "MDR", just FYI), and then make our way to the tenders whenever we felt like it/got around to it. Of course the MDR was only open until 9:30, and I wanted to go to the gym first. I got there a bit after 8 AM and it was *super* crowded. Two or three of the treadmills weren't working (and neither were *either* of the water fountains in the gym, though the ones in the ladies' locker room were fine, thankfully) and the rest of the treadmills were taken. There was one elliptical available so I used that, but ugh...I don't really like ellipticals. Ah well. Also, any time a person got off a treadmill or elliptical there was someone else waiting to immediately take their place, the entire 30 minutes I was there.

Breakfast was good. I mean, the eggs benedict weren't the best I've ever had, but they were decent. The croissants are amazing though! And the pancakes were good as well; they seemed nice and fresh. Then again, this isn't the buffet...heh. Also, the chocolate milk may have been milk with syrup in it (from the way it looked)? If so, that's awesome.

My eggs benedict and pancakes came on the same plate though, which I found...I don't know, weird. My breakfast looked very surprised.

(Ugh, sorry for the blurry photo. My DSLR is getting old and I had some trouble with it on our cruise. Thankfully I had a secondary camera, but it was just a point-and-shoot. Blah.)

So after breakfast, back up to the room to get ready for our day on Half Moon Cay! And snap a few pictures of the island from our balcony, of course...

Just after 11 AM we went down to get our tender tickets. We'd been told that if we waited until noon-ish, we wouldn't need them, but honestly...I'm glad we didn't listen. We picked up the tickets at 11:10 on the dot and were told it would be 40 minutes, so Steve and I went down to Josh and Rachel's room to update them. We hung out for a while and then headed back up to the theater at around 11:40, not wanting to miss our number being called.

HA YEAH RIGHT. They were only on tender 63 at that point, and our number was 79. I asked how much longer it would be (nicely, I swear) and was told "probably another 20-25 minutes". I didn't feel like sitting in the theater so we went and got sodas from the atrium bar and hung out there for a while. At least it gave me time to get some pictures?

So the 20-25 minutes (on top of the original 40 minutes we were told) came and went. Finally, at around 12:15, we decided we should probably suck it up and go sit in the theater. At about 12:30 (an hour and twenty minutes after we picked up our tender tickets) our number was finally called. Honestly...annoying. If they had just told me when I picked up the tender tickets that it would be that long, we would have gone up to the lido to grab a real drink or a snack or sit by the pool. Therefore, my suggestion for future cruisers going to HMC is to get up and get your tender tickets before doing anything else, even if you don't want to be on the island for the entire day.

Just to set the record straight - I didn't mind that we were late getting to HMC. I didn't even mind the long wait for the tender. I *did* very much mind the completely incorrect information, but at this point I was used to it, after what we'd been through the day before ::rolls eyes::

Stay tuned for much, much more :) (hey, we're only about halfway through day two of this cruise! what can I say...)

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