Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Savannah for St. Paddy's, THE BIG DAY Part 2

Okay. Originally we had never planned on sitting down to eat somewhere on St. Patrick's Day in Savannah...honestly, we just assumed doing so would be impossible. But there was a sushi place right up the street from our hotel, and Junior and Jaime wanted to try it. When we arrived at Sushi Zen on Martin Luther King Boulevard we were even able to sit down right away, so hey, no big deal! And while the food wasn't amazing, it wasn't bad either. My problem lies with the service.

And no, not that it was slow. They were busy and I could have understood that.

Because they refused to serve us sake. Or at least they tried to refuse. The first waitress...well, she couldn't speak English very well, so I'm not sure if she said they didn't have any or if she just outright told us we couldn't have any. In the end it doesn't much matter, because a little while later we saw a different waitress serving sake to another table, flagged her down and asked her to bring us some. The look on our waitress's face when she came to check on us and saw it on the table was kind of priceless.

And no, we weren't that drunk that we should have been refused some sake. Honestly.

Moving on, once we were finished eating and grabbed some more beer from the hotel we decided to check out River Street one more time. It was still crowded, and though we tried to go into some shops we were met with some pretty rude employees at one particular [hat ::cough cough::] shop and decided not to bother with that anymore. Yes, it was St. Patrick's Day and I understand that they have to deal with a lot of jerks...but they basically told us we couldn't go in unless we were going to buy something. Which, well, how do we know before even seeing your wares whether or not we will be making a purchase, right? Right?

After a quick stop at The Waving Girl statue...

...we climbed back up to Bay to make our way to City Market, as it appeared that's where the St. Patty's party had moved to. Along the way, we met with some friendly folks who were partying out of the back of their SUV on Bay Street. They gave us free shots and then we moved along the edge of Emmett Park, because I wanted to see the Celtic Cross.

And that, folks, is when Steve and Junior found THE CHAIR.

Poor white plastic deck chair, sitting all by its lonesome in the park. We had no idea who it belonged to...all we knew was that we couldn't just leave it there, all sad and empty.

And that's how The Occupy Savannah Chair made its way from Emmett Park...

...all the way back to our hotel (which was basically on the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd. and Bay)

Junior yelling at the kids from Jersey who kicked our chair.

Yes, we were back at the hotel again, but if you think nearly 12 hours of drinking was enough for us on this St. Patrick's Day in Savannah...well, you don't know us. Stay tuned for the epic conclusion of our first St. Patrick's Day in Savannah!

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