Saturday, August 18, 2012

Savannah for St. Paddy's, THE BIG DAY Part 3

Unfortunately we lost Jaime when we went back to our hotel. We visited the pool there and hung out with some random people for a while - because that's the type of thing we do, apparently (or maybe that's just the type of thing one does in Savannah on St. Patrick's Day) - but eventually hotel security said it was too late and we were being too loud (!!! on St. Patty's Day??? in Savannah??? haha) and while Jaime went to bed, Junior and Steve and I went back to City Market.

We were lucky enough to walk right into Wild Wing Cafe and get a spot on the deck overlooking the central street of the Market...I say we were lucky because yeah, it was ridiculously crowded...

(Looking out over City Market from the Wild Wing Cafe deck)

We hung out there for a while, but about the time people started trying to climb up on the deck from the street - which caused bouncers to come around - we could tell trouble was brewing and that it was about time to go. This is when we lost Junior (sad), but it's also when mine and Steve's St. Patrick's Day Adventure became utterly and ridiculously awesome. We wandered away from City Market, hoping to find one of the bars we'd visited on our first night in Savannah - Hangfire, specifically.

But we couldn't remember the name of the intersection where it was located, and good luck getting any service on an iPhone in a city as crowded as Savannah was that night. We eventually sat on a window ledge to ponder our next move, and that's when drunk!Steve started asking random passers-by if they were local - with hopes of finding someone who knew where Hangfire was, of course.

We never did succeed. BUT - someone did hear us asking if people were local. And she was in fact local. And she and her boyfriend offered to help us find a place to go. So even though they didn't know where Hangfire was, and the line at the next place they suggested was a bit ridiculous, we ended up with some locals to show us around...and that's how we ended up at Pinkie Master's, a Savannah favorite.

Now, Pinkie's is a dive bar. That's the only way to describe it. Honestly I can only say that I hope the bathroom isn't usually as disgusting as it was on St. Patrick's Day. But of course we had a blast! And we even ended up staying until closing time, which was about 3 AM from what I remember.

Steve and I with our random local guides
Unfortunately we did have to start the long trek back to the hotel. And I was hungry. And nothing was open. So what did we end up doing? Buying what was likely the last pizza in Savannah off some street corner pizza dude, giving half of it away to the poor sad people who asked us where we got it, and eating the rest as we made our way "home".

But...not to bed. Oh no. We sat outside of our hotel, drinking the last of our beer and talking to random people as they tried to get cabs out of the city. Because hey, who in the world goes to bed before 5 AM on St. Patrick's Day (or rather, at this point, on the day/morning after St. Patrick's Day) in Savannah?

Not these fine folks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Savannah for St. Paddy's, THE BIG DAY Part 2

Okay. Originally we had never planned on sitting down to eat somewhere on St. Patrick's Day in Savannah...honestly, we just assumed doing so would be impossible. But there was a sushi place right up the street from our hotel, and Junior and Jaime wanted to try it. When we arrived at Sushi Zen on Martin Luther King Boulevard we were even able to sit down right away, so hey, no big deal! And while the food wasn't amazing, it wasn't bad either. My problem lies with the service.

And no, not that it was slow. They were busy and I could have understood that.

Because they refused to serve us sake. Or at least they tried to refuse. The first waitress...well, she couldn't speak English very well, so I'm not sure if she said they didn't have any or if she just outright told us we couldn't have any. In the end it doesn't much matter, because a little while later we saw a different waitress serving sake to another table, flagged her down and asked her to bring us some. The look on our waitress's face when she came to check on us and saw it on the table was kind of priceless.

And no, we weren't that drunk that we should have been refused some sake. Honestly.

Moving on, once we were finished eating and grabbed some more beer from the hotel we decided to check out River Street one more time. It was still crowded, and though we tried to go into some shops we were met with some pretty rude employees at one particular [hat ::cough cough::] shop and decided not to bother with that anymore. Yes, it was St. Patrick's Day and I understand that they have to deal with a lot of jerks...but they basically told us we couldn't go in unless we were going to buy something. Which, well, how do we know before even seeing your wares whether or not we will be making a purchase, right? Right?

After a quick stop at The Waving Girl statue...

...we climbed back up to Bay to make our way to City Market, as it appeared that's where the St. Patty's party had moved to. Along the way, we met with some friendly folks who were partying out of the back of their SUV on Bay Street. They gave us free shots and then we moved along the edge of Emmett Park, because I wanted to see the Celtic Cross.

And that, folks, is when Steve and Junior found THE CHAIR.

Poor white plastic deck chair, sitting all by its lonesome in the park. We had no idea who it belonged to...all we knew was that we couldn't just leave it there, all sad and empty.

And that's how The Occupy Savannah Chair made its way from Emmett Park...

...all the way back to our hotel (which was basically on the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd. and Bay)

Junior yelling at the kids from Jersey who kicked our chair.

Yes, we were back at the hotel again, but if you think nearly 12 hours of drinking was enough for us on this St. Patrick's Day in Savannah...well, you don't know us. Stay tuned for the epic conclusion of our first St. Patrick's Day in Savannah!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Savannah for St. Paddy's, THE BIG DAY Part 1

When you go to Savannah for St. Patrick's Day, it's of course a must to catch the parade - or at least some of it ;) So we were out of bed at a decent hour on March 17th, to grab a hearty breakfast at the hotel restaurant and partake in some of their free coffee...which we of course mixed with plenty of Jameson's and Baileys, poured into to go mugs and took to the parade with us.

On our way to the parade route, we even stumbled up on the Yuengling distributor's van!

...and to top it all off, the Yuengling employees caught us taking pictures and loaded us up with free stuff - t-shirts and beads, mainly. Not a bad start to the day!

Waiting for the parade
Yeah, that little house on the "float"? Definitely a porta-potty. Smart people!

I met this random couple that made necklaces out of potatoes. Also, they were from Connecticut as well and live in South Carolina now! Too funny.

The only unfortunate thing was that it was still really hot. I say "unfortunate" because it was hot enough to where even I, in my slightly revealing St. Patrick's Day outfit, was uncomfortable. And the hot coffee didn't help matters. We hung around watching the parade crawl by for a good hour and a half, but in the end we had to give up and go back to the hotel for a few minutes in the air conditioning.

That, and to restock ourselves with beer, of course ;)

And hey, on the walk back we even saw "The Diner Where Jenny Workedt" from Forrest Gump!

So. After cooling down and stocking up, it was down to River Street for us! Junior and Jaime's friends had snagged a [ridiculously overpriced] room at the Hyatt, which meant we were lucky enough to gain access to the hotel's private patio on the 4th floor. This allowed us to drink in peace, sit when we wanted or needed to sit, avoid the crazy crowds but still have a great view of all the goings-on :)

St Patty's Day roomies!
Of course, plenty of crazy shenanigans occurred...including a random push-up contest (yeah, I know, right?) and our great idea of turning the vuvuzela horn into a beer bong...

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Eventually most of Junior and Jaime's friends disappeared (we still don't know where most of them went) and we were hungry we left the Hyatt and went in search of food. And that, my dears, is a different story for another entry ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Savannah for St. Paddy's, The First Full Day Part 2

Okay, so I've been away for a while and that's totally my bad...the worst part is that I now have several trips to write about, and no time to do all of that writing! But I'm going to try my best :) On that note, let's go back to Savannah, shall we?

Last I left you, we were still slowly making our way up to Forsyth Park. On the way we passed through several squares and by God knows how many landmarks...including (but of course not limited to) the Armstrong House, another building owned by Jim Williams of Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil fame.

And then finally, finally, we reached Forsyth Park! Of course Savannah dyes all of their fountains green for St. Patrick's Day...but the fountain in Forsyth is really the piece de resistance and definitely worth a visit...

Now, it was warm on this particular weekend. Unseasonably warm. And we had only caught about 6 hours of sleep the night before...which sounds like a lot, but not really when you've been out partying it up a bit ;) After our long day on the trolley tour and our long walk up to Forsyth...well, we were ready for a rest in our air-conditioned hotel room.

Unfortunately, that rest turned into a several-hour-long nap, and when we woke up we were starving...except silly us, we hadn't thought to make reservations for dinner. Double oops, there. So we wandered from our hotel hoping to find a decent bite to eat...and randomly stumbled across Paula Deen's "Lady and Sons" restaurant. Now, I'd heard that you had to get in line to eat here early in the day, or something like that...but Steve insisted that we at least try.

And I'm glad he did! We approached the podium, told them we didn't have reservations but just wanted to see if there was a chance for us to get in for dinner...and they asked if it was just the two of us. We said yes, and within ten minutes we were seated at a table on the second floor of the restaurant!

Honestly, though? I wouldn't go back, nor would I advise anyone to go out of their way to eat here a first time. The prices were reasonable and the food wasn't terrible; it simply wasn't impressive. I got the BBQ pulled pork sandwich and Steve got the southern buffet, but neither one of us found anything to brag about in regards to our meals.

Once we were done eating we headed back to the hotel again, as our friends Junior and Jaime were finally arriving. We helped them bring their things up to the room and hung out there for a little while, then they went out to meet some other people who were in Savannah for the weekend and Steve and I, wanting to get a good night's rest before what was sure to be a *long* St. Patrick's Day, went back to bed.

Don't worry though...the holiday itself was epic, and I'll be posting about that soon :)