Sunday, May 27, 2012

Savannah for St. Paddy's, The First Full Day Part 1

On our first morning in Savannah we slept in a bit because we had tickets to one of the hop-on hop-off trolley tours. We wandered over to City Market to find some breakfast, but unfortunately it was nearing lunch time and this proved impossible! Thankfully, when we decided that we were starving and couldn't take it anymore, we stumbled into Cafe Gelatohhh. Now, this could have been a disaster...silly name, gelato cafe that also just kind of "happens" to serve paninis, in a *very* touristy area...but their iced coffees were good and the paninis were absolutely delicious!

The Rossini panini at Cafe Gelatohhh

After this surprisingly tasty "breakfast", we called up Old Savannah Tours to ask for our pickup at our hotel. A shuttle was there about 15 minutes later and it took us to the Savannah Visitor's Center, where we boarded our "trolley". At this point I want to say it was about noon, and it wasn't until we were on the trolley that we were told they wouldn't be operating until 4:30 as they usually did, but only until *2:30*. This was due to its being the day before St. Patrick's Day and the fact that they knew it would be getting much more crowded toward the end of the day, so though I understand their reasoning I *really* think they should have informed us of this prior to the day of our tour. If I'd known I would have dragged my butt out of bed earlier!

Needless to say, instead of trying to hop on/hop off, we just rode the trolley around for a nearly full circuit. Our guide was...interesting. She talked a LOT about "The Book", and honestly tended to repeat herself. Constantly. It wasn't a *bad* tour, per se; neither was it something I would highly recommend. The one good thing was that we got to see a lot of the city without making our feet hurt like you-know-what ;)

The old theater that was restored thanks to donations from the actors in Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil

Pirate's House from Treasure Island on the right; oldest building in Savannah on the left
We left the trolley tour on Bay and wandered down to River, following it down for several blocks before climbing back up to Bay to make our way up to Forsyth Park. We made several stops throughout the walk to check out more historical houses/monuments...and to eat lunch at the infamous Leopold's :)

River Street

Chatham Artillery Guns (oldest monument in Savannah)

Steve at his [distant] relative Nathaniel Greene's monument
Steeple that the feather flew by in Forrest Gump

Sitting just about where Forrest sat while he told his story! :D

Mercer-Williams House of Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil fame

The "famous" Leopold's Ice Cream parlor
At Leopold's you wait in line to order your food and then grab a table to wait for any sandwiches/soups to be delivered. I ordered their curried chicken salad sandwich and a cone of chocolate chewies and cream. The food was all delicious but there was one boy working behind the counter who was rude as all get out. I asked what a couple of the flavors were and he acted as if I was absolutely ruining his day in doing so ::rolls eyes::

Inside Leopold's
Curried chicken salad sandwich...yum!

As you can see, our walk up to Forsyth Park was more of a "wander"...that said, I'll leave you with this and be back soon to showcase the rest of our wander, Forsyth Park itself, and a very...interesting dinner ;)

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