Sunday, April 29, 2012

Please Excuse My Absence

At the moment I am working on combining what was two separate blogs. From now on this blog will be not just a travel blog, but a place where I talk about the amazing city I live in (Greenville, South Carolina) as well :)

The title is "There and BACK Again", after all...and I'm constantly trying to convince my friends to come visit me here in Greenville! Quite recently, this beautiful little city that I call home was awarded several honors:

(alongside the likes of San Antonio, TX!)

(other mentions went to Lahaina, HI; Nantucket, MA; Saratoga Springs, NY; etc.)

(also on the list: Chicago! Savannah! what an honor)

...also, US Airways Magazine named Greenville's Falls Park one of the country's "Great City Parks" :)

...not to mention the numerous other media mentions Greenville has received throughout the past few years.

So again, please excuse the lack of travel-related posts (or posts in general) as I move some of my better Greenville reviews and event recaps from their location on my Greenville blog, over to this one. Basically I want to use this travel blog as a way to promote visiting Greenville, and I also think that by combining them I will have content to post more often and it will generally be of a higher quality.

Thanks in advance for your patience!

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