Friday, March 16, 2012

Lucky #7 Vegas Extravaganza: Sending our trip out in VIP Style

For the third and final night of an already awesome Vegas trip, we'd booked a VIP table at Club Vanity in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Of course we dressed our Vegas best, and then we grabbed a limo on a whim rather than take a taxi...and we were on our way to enjoy what was sure to be an amazing evening!

The one thing I have to say is that things outside Vanity were not organized. I approached the ropes when we arrived - which was a few minutes before club opening - and told the gentleman there that we had table reservations. He said to wait right there, and wait we did...for a good twenty minutes, before I was finally able to catch the attention of a female employee and ask when we'd be helped.

At which point she told me that we were waiting in the wrong place.

So. I wasn't exactly happy with this confusion - but what are you gonna do? We moved to the line where we should have been waiting, and thankfully about 15 minutes later we were escorted to our table. And first thing shots!

Because we had six people (and three of them were guys) we had a two bottle minimum, and after our free shots and just a few minutes, they brought over our drinks and mixers...and of course I had to pimp it out with the bottles ;)

I swear that's my smart-ass face, NOT a duck face. I swear.
Thankfully the DJ at Vanity was much better than the one at Chateau. He played a great mix of new songs and older ones, which to be honest is what *I* like. And yeah, having a place to sit and rest our feet, or just to dance without being in the crush of a crowd, was awesome.

I'd heard great things about the "insane" bathrooms at Vanity, so you know I couldn't pass up the chance to take a couple pictures when I inevitably had to visit them...

Now I'm not the type to drink liquor all night. I enjoy a good gin and tonic as much as the next girl, but I'm a beer person at heart...of course at a table, you have to buy beer by the bucket. Not that I'm complaining. I supposed I could have gone to the bar and purchased a single beer, because it's not like they give you a break on the buckets anyway...but with the help of my friends, finishing that bucket of beer wasn't a problem.

Needless to say, we stayed at Vanity until we had to leave ;) We grabbed an Escalade (again, why not pay maybe $5 more per person for that rather than take two regular cabs?) and went back to the Mirage, where we enjoyed a few more drinks before Maria and I had to make for the airport and our crack of dawn flights. So no, we didn't sleep...or at least, not until I stumbled through airport security and onto the plane and into my seat.

And that, my friends, was a perfect end to an amazing Vegas trip!

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