Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lucky #7 Vegas Extravaganza: Our Final Day, Part 1

Can you believe that I'm already writing about our final day? :D

No, but really, it makes me sad that this trip was such a whirlwind one, because it was in fact absolutely amazing.

Of course we slept in a bit on our Saturday morning in Vegas, but once we were up it was about that time.

Champagne brunch time, that is!

Part of this complete breakfast...
To be honest the Mirage's champagne brunch isn't one of the better ones I've been to, food-wise, but hey...there's never a crazy line/wait and they're at least good about keeping the champagne/Mimosas flowing!

Post-champagne brunch a few of us went to nap ::cough::JENNA::cough:: and those of us who aren't losers decided to hit up the pool. It was quite crowded and there were no chairs available (not surprising), but Maria and I found a spot at the edge of the pool where we could cool off in the water and leave our things sitting on the edge of a planting area to keep them dry, and we hung out for a good hour soaking up the sun and enjoying gin and tonics.

The rest of our day was taken up with wandering the Strip and of course...checking out the Bellagio fountains!

A few times in a row. ;)

We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, because I can never pass up a chance to eat their Pear Gorgonzola pizza. Seriously, it's delicious. And cost vs. quality-wise, CPK is one of the better places to get a great meal for a decent price in Vegas and even more so at the Mirage.

After all of that walking, though, we needed to relax our feet a bit. Well, we had the perfect place for that!

Pedi Party in the jacuzzi tub!
Seriously, we just filled that tub up with some hot water and used shower gel to make it foamy. And yes, all six of us sat around it. And yes, it was amazing. Plus, once our feet felt better it was time to get ready for our Big Night Out...a VIP table at Club Vanity at the Hard Rock!

More to come on that... ;)

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