Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lucky #7 Vegas Extravaganza: First Full Day, Part 2

I have to hand it to the Mirage (as usual) for installing a slushy-drink bar that offers discounted refills when you bring your cup back. Personally I'm not so big on slushy type drinks that it's worthwhile for me, but some people are ;)

Rhumbar to go!
We were all pleasantly surprised to find that price-wise these drinks were definitely competitive with other refillable slushy drinks on the Strip. I may have to suck it up and get one the next time in Vegas...though I think I'll stick with the size JB had (the far left, more "normal" sized cup, haha).

Once we left the Mirage we headed over to TI to see what times the pirate show was playing. Somehow we got roped into a conversation with some of those damn Vegas promoters (I swear it wasn't me ::cough::CHAD::cough::) and that blew away a good 45 minutes. After that we had to fulfill Chad's wish of riding the moving walkways at the Venetian, of course...

And then Chad and JB had to molest poor Indiana Jones. Or Harrison Ford. Whatever.

By this time we were all starving so we went back to the TI to eat at Kahunaville. The food was okay but for the price...meh. Jenna and Chad had collected a bunch of coupons for this restaurant from those promoters, but of course they had all sorts of rules that (a) aren't listed on the coupons and (b) the promoter would never tell you...only one "buy one get one 50% off" meal coupon per table and the like. Of course no one would listen to me but let's hope they learned their lesson ;)

After dinner we finally made it back to the room to get ready for a night out. We were going to Chateau at the Paris and thankfully our names were on the VIP list because the promoter I'd been in touch with was great. It never hurts to ask, folks, and that's all I'll say about that ;)

Getting ready in the master bath. We are a clever bunch, no?
Ready and waiting to head out to Chateau!
The boys in their matching shirts. Not done on purpose. (Supposedly?)
When we arrived at Chateau (a bit too early - I think we got there right around 10:45?) and approached the girl at the bottom of the stairs, she took one look at our group - three girls, three guys - and scowled when I told her that we were on the list. She asked who put us there, I told her. She actually went and found the promoter and asked if he knew us! Thankfully he remained really cool and I immediately said "I'm Tara, we were in contact via email". He recognized my name I suppose, or he was just not willing to be an ass, so he lifted the clip and let us in, no line no cover. Not gonna lie though, it took every ounce of maturity I possess to not turn around and stick my tongue out at that witch-with-a-b who gave us such an attitude.

On the Chateau outdoor patio
As for the club can I put this nicely?
After encountering that one foul you-know-what at the entrance, every interaction I had with an employee here was extremely positive. The bartenders were quick and didn't ignore any customer, even when they were busy. The bouncers were almost friendly - one outright offered to take a picture for my friend Maria and I, plus we never once got snapped at for standing in one place for too long (damn that Vegas shuffle...). And of course the aforementioned promoter was great. Also, the outdoor patio was really pretty and of course had some great views.

View from Chateau
The problem was...there was no real dance floor. I mean, there was one, but it was oddly shaped and very small and when you entered the club you kind of spilled right out onto it. And of course you could be dancing and a bouncer would have to tap you on the shoulder and ask you nicely to move a foot or so in another direction because the only want to get out to the aforementioned patio was to walk across the dance floor. In which case it wasn't really a dance floor so much as a walkway? I don't know. Also, the DJ that night was mediocre at best - I haven't heard such bad music and mixes played at a Vegas club since I went to Pure at Caesar's in 2007.

I suppose I can cross my fingers and hope for a redesign and some better house DJ's at Chateau, but to be completely honest until one or both of those things happen I doubt I'll go back :-/ And while I'd love to say that you could just pay for a table and enjoy yourself more that way, the tables here are ridiculously overpriced...far more expensive than numerous other clubs on the Strip, including both Tryst and XS at the Wynn/Encore.

We actually called it an early-ish night and were all back in the room by...I want to say 2/2:30 AM. Not that we went to bed right away...instead we had some much-needed "Late Night Suite" time.

Late Night Suite: Chad drunk texting, Jenna organizing our Vegas escort cards, water bottles and McDonald's trash all over the place. Good times, good times.

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