Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lucky #7 Vegas Extravaganza: First Full Day, Part 1

Somehow we dragged ourselves out of bed at about 10 AM on our first morning in Vegas, knowing that we had to check out of the Monte Carlo and into what we had dubbed our "Party Rock Suite" at the Mirage.

At least we woke up to 90 degrees and sunny and a not-so-shabby view from a cheap room ;)

And somehow we all ended up brushing our teeth together in the little bathroom? I don't know, so please don't ask. (haha)

Look at how badass we are, brushing our teeth.
I suppose we could dub this day "let's see how many silly things we can accomplish" day, because honestly we were just a mess. Jet lagged and running on not even five hours of sleep will do that to you...and it didn't help that two of us didn't shower (that would be myself and Chad, whatever.), it was hot and our suite wasn't ready until after 2 PM...which left us wandering the Strip after taking our time with an early lunch at La Salsa.

Somehow we decided that it would be a good idea to buy Mardi Gras beads and sport them. In Vegas. In September. Again, I don't know, so please just...don't ask. We each chose a string of beads, and then I think it was like "5 strings for $5" so we ended up with an extra one. That had a plastic chicken on the end. And somehow I was the one forced to wear it.

Chicken beads!
Of course, what's a day trekking up and down the Strip without being accosted by some crazy dude who insists on taking pictures with you and then rudely demands a "tip"?

Yeah, his shirt says "I <3 to Fart" and he was FOUL. As in he stank of B.O. and used more swear words in 30 seconds than I use in a day.
Finally we decided to stop at the packy (that would be liquor store, for you non-New Englanders) and check to see if our room was ready. We got lucky - it was! We made our way up to the fourth floor, and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that we were on such a low floor and therefore had a crappy view :-/

Click here for my long, picture-laden post about why I love the Mirage...because all of the suite pictures are on there, and there are a lot of them! (scroll about halfway through the entry to see them) can view the silly little video that I made of our suite. It's not edited and I wasn't exactly sober when I took it, but personally I think that makes it all the more fun ;)

Of course we spent a bit of time exploring and enjoying the suite. This may or may not have included making fools out of ourselves, but at least no one else could see us. Until now. You be the judge:

Two silly drunk girls jumping on the couch...

I guess we were trying to prove how big the jacuzzi tub in the master bath was?

I don't even know.

We decided to let the chicken take a nap.
Don't worry, we didn't nap. In fact I was champ for the entire trip and I think I was the only person in our group who never took a nap, because, you know...


More Strip wanderings and a night out at the new[ish] club at the Paris, Chateau. Stay tuned!

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