Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hotel Review: Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

I've now stayed at the Caribbean Beach on two separate occasions, and I have absolutely no complaints about this resort :)
For my first stay, I had a standard room on the first floor of building 55 in the Aruba section, and although we were a good 5 minute walk from the main shopping/dining/pool area, it was not that bad. We were also fairly close to a parking lot and a bus stop. We were right by a little beach with chairs and hammocks which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The second time around, we had another standard room - this time on the third floor toward the back of a building, facing the "woods". This room was a little farther from the secondary pool, the beach, and the parking lot but it was also a lot quieter and more private. That said, I did prefer the first room for its general convenience.

Disney has, over the past couple years, upgraded the bedding at their moderate resorts. Although the mattresses are still a bit hard for my taste, the sheets/blankets/comforters/pillows were of a much higher quality. Also, the rooms are a decent size--we had four people to the room on our first Caribbean Beach stay, and three people the second time around - and it never felt too crowded.

Just a warning--the food court does tend to get VERY crowded at breakfast time. It may be quick service but one morning it took us about 35 minutes to get our food and eat. Also, one time we caught a bus right away for EPCOT, and another time we had to wait about 20 minutes to get plan accordingly!

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