Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sun Valley Idaho Ski Trip Prep!

When we were waiting to leave for our ski trip in Sun Valley Idaho, one of the things I was kind of disappointed about was the fact that there seemed to be very little trip planning info for the resort and the surrounding areas. I have a couple different guidebooks for the US and the Western US specifically, yet none of them even mentioned Sun Valley. Google searches led to the official Sun Valley website, a local Sun Valley blog and some general sort of CVB-type websites. A bit of helpful information here and there, but no real "here are some great things to do (other than ski)/good places to eat/etc." tips or hints.

So how did we come to plan a trip to Sun Valley in the first place, you ask? Well back in 2003 I took a ski trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming, and while there had numerous people tell me, "If you love it here, you need to go to Sun Valley." I hate that it took me so long to get out to Idaho, but to be honest it's kind of a pain to fly to that area! We actually had to book tickets out of Atlanta (with layovers in Salt Lake City) - in order to have only one layover there and back. And Atlanta is over two hours from where we live. Don't get me wrong, it was worth it, but the trip involving so much travel time definitely made me put it off for a while.

Anyway, back to the point of this entry, which is how to prepare for a trip to Sun Valley! Though they didn't give me all of the information I needed, the following were the best websites that I found:

Visit Sun Valley (the "history of" page is especially interesting!)

Some of the info I found on those websites also led me to the more fun side of trip planning...that being, reading the book that Ernest Hemingway wrote a large chunk of while staying in Suite 206 at the Sun Valley Lodge...
Now, the book has nothing to do with Sun Valley, but I still say give it a read before heading out there! Though I can't promise you'll enjoy it, to be honest.

Also, it's a great idea to watch the Glen Miller movie that took place and was filmed in Sun Valley!

And of course...soon I'll be posting my thoughts of and reviews from our Sun Valley experience and you can read up on those to help you plan as well ;) Stay tuned!

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