Friday, February 3, 2012

Hotel Review: Best Western Hotel Scala

The price was right on this hotel, and to be honest the room was fairly large for Europe and very clean. Great location as well - walking distance from a major train station and many sights.

However, be warned! There is absolutely NO air conditioning to speak of in these rooms, nor did I see any way to control the radiators. I understand that it doesn't normally get extremely hot in this area and that most European hotels don't have A/C as we Americans know it, but all we had by way of keeping the room "cool" was a small desktop-style fan provided by the hotel. The windows did open (in fact, two of them opened very wide and there was a privacy screen) but this doesn't do much good at night as there is an extremely loud bar basically directly under the hotel. Both nights of our stay it stayed open and loud until 5 AM. We had to shut the windows to [somewhat] stifle the noise, but then it of course became unbearably hot in the room even though it was only in the 60s outside and we had the little fan.

Basically, if you're looking to get a good night's sleep I certainly can't suggest staying here in the summer. If there actually is a way of controlling the heat in the rooms in the winter it may not be as bad, as I'm guessing not so many people would be hanging around outside the bar...but you'll still hear/feel the thumping of the music :-/

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