Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eurotrip 2011, Day 16 Part 2: A Night Out in Frankfurt

We took the subway under the river and exited at the very edge of the Sachsenhausen district, deciding to grab a few drinks before finding the restaurant Erna wanted to try. The first place we stopped was basically smack in the middle of a neighborhood and technically not in the truly "historic" part of Sachsenhausen, but it hey, it was close to the train station and we were ready for a drink!
Erna and I
Steve and I - see what I mean about this place being in a *neighborhood*?
It took us a bit but we finally found official "Alt Sachsenhausen", but find it we did :)
Map on the brick/cobblestone road in Alt Sachsenhausen
These cute little golden apples were all over the roads of Sachsenhausen
It's something like picturesque - or at least certain parts of it are - in the daylight ;)
House Weissbier at one of the Sachsenhausen cafes
After enjoying a couple of drinks we made our way back toward Schweizer Platz to find dinner. The restaurant was called Zum Gemalten Haus and it is located at Schweizer Strasse 67. The food here is very traditional and the setting is really neat. We sat outside and enjoyed our meal in a little open courtyard.
Zum Gemalten Haus, Frankfurt
I had the frankfurters in Frankfurt!
We all enjoyed some beer...
...and Steve was brave enough to have the tongue for dinner! Yes, that's right, tongue. He actually said it was pretty good :)
After a leisurely dinner - which was also a great chance to rest our feet - we headed back toward the main part of Sachsenhausen for a few more beers before catching the subway back to the other side of the river. I have to be honest and say that this was above all an interesting experience, though not one I'm sure I would repeat again. Sachsenhausen is, well, gritty. Not necessarily dangerous gritty...but gritty. Each bar only serves a couple kinds of beer at most, as it was all over eastern Europe while we were there. Prices are okay - probably a bit hiked up because it's such a touristy area - but most of the pubs are pretty grungy. I was honestly okay with all of that, but what we hadn't really expected was that there would be literally dozens and dozens of bachelor and bachelorette parties celebrating in Sachsenhausen on a Saturday night in mid August.

As I mentioned in my post about our night out in Vienna, European bachelor and bachelorette parties are...different. In that they are somehow even louder and more obnoxious than any bachelor or bachelorette party that I've encountered in the States, plus they want to sell or trade things to/with you. Erna and Steve and I spent a good hour or two trying to avoid them before finally giving up and making our way to the train station at Schweizer Platz again. Erna would be meeting up with the friend she was staying with in the Zeil and Steve and I got a bar suggestion from them before we went our separate ways.

Needless to say, there wasn't much open in the Zeil even though it was only a bit after midnight on a Saturday night. The place Erna's friend suggested was a little hookah bar called Mosaiic and though we didn't smoke hookah, it was a cool little place - practically no one there and great comfy seats and a very...pretty atmosphere. I'm seriously not sure how else to put it.
Mosaiic hookah bar in the Zeil, Frankfurt
Final "gratuitous picture of ourselves" from our Eurotrip!
We left Mosaiic after an hour and made our way in the general direction of our hotel, stopping to grab one more beer at a sort of lounge across the street. That was another, err, interesting experience, because to be honest I'm not sure that this place was JUST a lounge. I'll refrain from naming it publicly for that very reason ;)

It was well after 2 AM before we were back in our room and we had to be up to catch an 11 AM flight. A friend had warned me that the Frankfurt airport can be very time consuming and because of that I set the alarm for an unGodly hour (despite a late morning flight)...though I'll save the harrowing story of our trip home for another entry ;)

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