Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eurotrip 2011, Day 16 Part 1: More Frankfurt Wanderings

It was a Saturday, we were in Frankfurt, and - to top it all off - we were on our last day of a whirlwind tour of Europe. Erna arrived fairly early and she, Steve and I made our way through the Romerplatz again and all the way to the river. We crossed the Main and wandered up and down for a bit, even pausing to sit and drink a refreshing Apple Wine Spritzer before crossing back to visit the Frankfurt Am Main Tower.
Pedestrian bridge crossing the Main
European Central Bank
One of the views of Frankfurt from the top of the Main Tower
Erna and I at the top of the Main Tower :)
Frankfurt's old opera house
After a few hours of more Frankfurt wanderings, I had one thing to say - I was hot. Seriously, the only truly warm-weather clothes I had packed were dirty from Marseille; I'd logically assumed that Frankfurt's temperatures would be in the low- to mid-70s at best. But no - both the day we arrived and our full day there topped out in the mid-80s, and let me tell you that sun was beating down. Thankfully I had one sundress left that wasn't completely disgusting, and the three of us ran back to the hotel so I could change in the hopes of being more comfortable.

At this point we were also just a bit hungry, but didn't want to eat a huge lunch as Erna had plans to bring us to a nice restaurant near the Sachsenhausen district for dinner. Our hotel was right near Konstablerwache and the Zeil shopping district, though, and apparently on Saturdays there is a huge farmer's market there! Honestly we could have spent all afternoon just trying sausages and cheeses and desserts and of and beer. Steve and I did share a bratwurst and this amazing thing called a "honey waffle". Seriously, it was delicious.
Can't you tell how much we loved it?
From there it was a quick stop at the ATM to make sure we had enough cash to go out that night. And I have to say...the ATMs in Germany amuse me. Why? Because they yell at you. No kidding!
See what I mean? Are the exclamation points really necessary?
By now it was mid-afternoon and after an unsuccessful attempt to visit the botanical gardens (we could not tell if we were in the wrong place or if they were simply randomly closed) we decided hey, let's go to Sachsenhausen and drink some more!

Next up: an extremely interesting night out in Frankfurt. Trust me on that.

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