Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eurotrip 2011, Day 14 Part 2: Aix-en-Provence

Once we arrived back in Aix, we had a few hours to kill before the little concert we were supposed to check out. We did some shopping - there are plenty of quaint little stores in this city, especially in the "old town" area - and decided it was about time for dinner. At this point it was probably 6 PM, maybe 6:30, and who would have thought that the majority of restaurants/cafes in Aix stop serving food between like 5 and 9 PM! Seriously, we stopped at a few cafes only to be told they weren't serving food at the moment, and when Steve tried to ask some locals where we could get dinner they told us to go to McDonald's! I was honestly so offended that I may have used some choice nasty words, but that's besides the point.

Thankfully, we finally found a little cafe on the Cours Mirabeau that was still serving food. To be honest it wasn't an amazing dinner or anything, but we did sit there for quite some time. I enjoyed a carafe of wine and read on my Kindle; Steve mixed some pastis and did some people watching. I will say that the Creme Brulee was very good!

And then it was finally time for the concert :) It was really just a couple of local bands playing in a courtyard in the old part of the city, but pretty much everyone there was local and it was such an amazing experience...all thanks to Steve's [former] host sister!

The guitarist was one of Laura's friends, he was great ;)
Me, Steve and Laura (not the most flattering picture of me, ugh)
Steve and I at the concert
When the concert was over we still had another hour and a half or so to kill before the last shuttle back to Marseille. Honestly...we had been drinking and it was not a very good idea to give ourselves no leeway with the shuttles. We should have planned on at least trying for the second to last one, but...we didn't. And we ended up having to run across half of the city to make the last shuttle.

These are our sweaty crazy drunk HOLY CRAP WE ACTUALLY MADE IT TO THE VERY LAST SHUTTLE faces :)
So yeah, we made it to the last shuttle - just barely - and were back at the hotel in time to grab a beer from the lobby bar before going to bed. We even got a call from Steve's parents right after we made it back to the room! Good timing on that one :) Unfortunately - because though Marseille left a lot to be desired, I obviously really enjoyed Aix - we had to go to the airport the next morning and head on to our very last Eurotrip stop...Frankfurt!

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