Friday, December 16, 2011

Hotel Review: Bellevue Hotel Vienna

Contrary to other reviews I have read (on TripAdvisor), during our stay the front desk staff was perfectly nice and the restaurant staff (during breakfast) was rude. Upon arriving to breakfast and taking seats in the middle room (no one being there to greet or seat us) we started eating and were then approached and told we couldn't sit there. That's right, in the middle of our breakfast we had to get up and move!

Everything was clean and beds were as comfortable as one would expect, plus the room was quite large - however, the lighting in our room was terrible and the shower head far too low. Plus the TV - not that we planned on watching it much, but still - looked like something from my home 20 years ago.

As others have noted, the lift does not appear to be safe and once you get to your floor there is still a chance of having to take stairs to get to your room...not fun when you're lugging a 50 pound suitcase around.

All in all, this hotel was okay, but I guarantee there are better hotels in Vienna for a similar price.

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