Friday, December 2, 2011

Eurotrip 2011, Day 7: Prague Wrap-Up

Our last full day in Prague proved to be packed full of sightseeing, and yet we still weren't able to fit in everything we wanted to see...sadly. This brings me back to why I wish we'd skipped that somewhat pointless included walking tour on our first full day in the city, because our included bike tour of Prague was far more interesting. We definitely got to see certain areas of the city that we wouldn't have made our way to otherwise, mainly because they weren't exactly mentioned in my guidebook. For instance, there is far more "modern art" in Prague than you would expect!
Learning about the bridges on our bike tour
Weird babies that were supposed to represent children "raised by television" or something along those lines
Okay. I was yawning. And yes, these statues are "peeing" on the Czech Republic. I don't know.
The "Lenin Wall"
The most famous "Lovers Lock" bridge in Prague
After our bike tour of "modern" Prague (that's seriously the best way to describe it, but it was so far superior to our walking tour, I swear) we had a quick lunch at a little chain bistro and then headed back through Old Town to the Little Quarter. But first, a stop at the Old Town Cathedral!
Inside the Old Town Cathedral
It was free to walk into this church and it was honestly very beautiful. They don't really use it for church services nowadays, as so much of the Czech population is atheist, but you can often catch a good concert there from what I hear.

At this point we decided to try to visit the cemetery in the Jewish Quarter, but my guidebook hadn't mentioned that there was an entrance fee! It wasn't expensive, I think about $14 US, but we were running low on Czech Crowns and really didn't want to have to get any unfortunately we had to skip this and head back toward the Little Quarter in hopes of getting up to Prague Castle and seeing the Rider's Staircase.
Of course, by the time we got to the Little Quarter we realized that there was no way we had time to make it all the way up to the Castle, see anything worth seeing and get back to the hotel in time to meet for our "traditional Czech dinner" that night. So instead, we decided to grab a beer, wander the Little Quarter for a bit, and then make our way back "home".

We picked a beer hall just across from St. Nicholas Cathedral - the Cathedral where Moses played once upon a time - called Piunice U Glaubicu. We were going to sit outside but apparently you had to order food if you did so. The waitress led us inside, through the full front room and down a little hallway. She pointed to a staircase and said, "Go down there." Though we were a bit confused, we followed those stairs down about two levels...and ended up in a really cool cellar. We ordered and drank our beers (29 crown each! That was about $1.50 US at the time, FYI) and then had some fun playing with the props in said cellar ;)
Of course, once we decided to move on we had only two things in mind - one was to find Steve's favorite beer, Czech Rebel. We had been looking for it since we arrived in Prague, but to no avail! The other was to eat some Trdlo - delicious pastries that you could buy for 50 crown - but at least we knew where those were. Thankfully, I caught sight of a little beer shop as we were walking back to the Trdlo bakery, and we were in luck - Steve found his Czech Rebel!
So then we only had those Trdlo left to find!
Seriously, if you ever end up in Prague, eat these. Lots of them. Just do it.

And on the way back to the hotel...more random modern art!
The mysterious guns at the Prague Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art
We had just enough time back at the hotel to freshen up for our last night in Prague, which included the Contiki optional "Traditional Czech dinner and entertainment". Here's the downlow on that - it's okay. The food isn't that great, but drinks are included (or at least they didn't charge us for ours) and the entertainment...well, it is what it is. But to be honest I doubt we could have gotten a better meal for an equal amount of money, so I refuse to regret participating in this optional activity :)
Entertainment at our "traditional" dinner
Steve got pulled up to dance :)
It was a long walk back to the hotel that night, though. Our feet were killing us but we hadn't gotten used to the pain quite yet. Or something. We basically finished our meal and went back to our rooms for an early bedtime, but I'll leave you with the last picture I took in Prague because, well, this sign seriously amused us.
I know I shouldn't laugh at a sign that wants to stop child abuse, but come on. Look at those pictures.

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