Monday, December 26, 2011

Eurotrip 2011, Day 11 Part 2: Last night with Contiki :(

Now, I have to be completely honest. Unlike on my first Contiki tour, when my sister and I hung out with the group constantly, Steve and the Natalies and I were "ditchas" on this trip. As in we were constantly ditching the group to do our own thing, and when we did go out with them a few times we were always some of the first to bow out. Sad to say, we weren't even the oldest people on the tour. But I'll eventually do a full on review of this tour as a whole and I'll get into why we were "ditchas" more when I do. For now, just know that on our last night we felt bad and decided that we would enjoy the final included dinner - a river cruise on the Danube - and then go wherever Kiwi Katie insisted on taking us.

This meant one last ride on the bus, and of course a shot of Steve, myself and the Natalies in our usual seats!

We boarded the boat and they talked to us about the food and drinks - it was a buffet, and every table had a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red included. Can't beat that! Then we started our cruise and as we floated through the city we enjoyed what was definitely the best included meal of the trip.

Yes, the wine might have helped.

I have to say that not only was the food good (and the included wine was a plus! yeah, I'm going to beat that dead horse) but the cruise itself was an awesome way to end our tour. Budapest is gorgeous by night and we even got to chat with our tourmates a bit. Probably more than we had for the past 10-ish days. Oops.

When the cruise was over, Kiwi Katie led us to a club where we paid about $10 per person (I say $10 because I don't recall how many florints it was) for admission, but that admission included three drinks...if you had them before 11 PM. As it was already about 10:30 and there aren't any silly one drink per person laws in Budapest, you know how I rolled.
Triple Beerage
This bar/club was actually pretty decent, which says a lot because most of the places Kiwi Katie had previously suggested/taken us to were questionable at best. The funny part was that this place had numerous floors as well...but thankfully it wasn't quite as ridiculous as the club in Prague ;)

There was a big center courtyard and the balconies looking down on the courtyard were the upper floors of the bar; there was also a basement where they were playing dance music. The basement area was a bit sketchy (I am forever at a loss as to why people insist on putting bars and clubs in the basements of buildings) but by the time we made our way down there we'd had enough to drink that it didn't matter ;)
Coral is the color for this Contiki tour! haha
The Natalies and I with Brandy and one of the Aussie pilots that was on our tour
One last picture of the "ditchas" :(
It was about 3 AM before we finally called it a night and took a taxi back to the hotel, where we cracked open a bottle of brandy that the Natalies had brought from the Netherlands and sipped on it as we tried to stay awake. Sadly, the Natalies had an earlier flight than us and eventually they had to go back...which left Steve and I to pass out until they came banging on our door to say goodbye. It was a tearful one for sure...especially as none of us was even going home! The Natalies were off to Italy, Steve and I to France, and thus ended our Contiki adventure together.

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