Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Impromptu Cambridge (Boston) Bar Crawl

Whether it was fortunately or unfortunately, our plans for traveling back to South Carolina after spending Thanksgiving in New England got switched around last minute...and left us in the Boston area on Friday night with only the vague idea of grabbing food and beers at Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square - to be followed by who knows what.

Cambridge Brewing Company's food, like some of their beers, changes with the seasons. Many of their current dishes are fall-inspired, featuring butternut squash, pumpkin and the like. We sampled their infamous (and delicious!) Great Pumpkin Ale along with their - err - New England take on hush puppies, to start. Between the five of us who dined we ordered everything from pizza to pasta to sandwiches to steak for our meals, and it was all exemplary.
No, we didn't order one of the beer towers - but that's not to say we weren't tempted!
Though I'd done a quick Google search of other bars near the CBC, I didn't realize that so many of them would be right on top of each other! After dinner, we made a few quick stops right in the same courtyard as the Cambridge Brewing Company - first Tommy Doyle's, which was a bit quiet so early in the night but had the appearance of what is likely quite a fun bar. We sat at a high-top table and had a great view of the painted wall across the street.

After some Irish coffees to perk us up, we walked right across the courtyard to Think Tank, which had some great VIP areas but was also fairly quiet this particular night. Think Thank seems to be predominantly Asian themed with its drinks, including beers, but they also have some interesting versions of old favorites - like a Manhattan and a Pimm's Cup - that are worth a try.

As we were leaving our this third stop they were pushing aside the tables and chairs and turning up the music, so I get the impression that late night Think Tank turns into a sort of club. Not really what we were looking for at this point in the evening, so we made one more stop in that little courtyard - The Blue Room.

Unfortunately, they were out of many of their house-infused liquors and to be honest the bartender wasn't the most pleasant fellow I've ever dealt with. We tossed back one drink and decided to make a last stop at the Meadhall, which was on the way back to the Kendall Square T station. But despite the Meadhall having been open when we passed it on our way to CBC, it was closed! It was only about 10:30 so needless to say, we weren't ready to catch the T back to my friend Jamie's apartment outside of the city, and there wasn't much else in the area - at least not much that was open. We ended up hiking it all the way to Central Square to see if the Enormous Room was open (it wasn't) and in the end we finished our night at The Phoenix Landing.

At least there was a decent DJ and some tequila to ease our annoyance at the fact that so many places were closed for Black Friday (seriously, Boston? seriously?)...

All in all it was a really fun night, even with that final necessary hike from Kendall to Central. We caught one of the last trains out of the city, but of course we didn't go right to, we did our best to marathon it back at Jamie's apartment, catching just an hour or so of sleep before making our way to Logan Saturday morning. We got lucky timing- and traffic-wise and were very early for our flight, which gave us time to eat breakfast (but really just kept me from a good nap for that much longer).
Waiting on breakfast at Logan. And yes, in case you haven't noticed, I often travel with fuzzy animal hats.
In case you can't tell, I really needed a Bloody Mary. Or something - anything - of the sort. Unfortunately, you can't get alcohol at a restaurant before 8 AM in Boston.

And everyone wonders why I love Vegas so much. ;)

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