Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hotel Review: Best Western Berlin City Ost

This hotel is located a bit far from the city center but there is an U-Bahn stop literally just outside the door. There is a bakery on one side and a little market on the other, as well. Our room was a decent size for a European hotel, though the bathroom was as usual quite small. Front desk staff were okay...some very friendly, others not so much. The breakfast is good but we had it automatically included and I wouldn't suggest paying more than 5-8 Euro per person for it, especially considering that chain bakery right next door.

All in all everything was clean and pleasant. As usual the A/C was practically nonexistent but our window did open quite wide and it wasn't too hot in Berlin during our stay. As a note, a direct cab from the airport cost us 28 Euro (and we had to go a bit out of the way due to road closures for a local beer festival).

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