Friday, November 11, 2011

Greer Oktoberfest, Take 2

Last year we arrived at Greer Oktoberfest a little later in the day - sometime after 5 PM - and really enjoyed ourselves. This year, we decided to arrive a little earlier in hopes of shorter lines and the option to try more food. I had been hoping to meet some friends there, but it ended up just being Steve and I and that's probably for the best. Let's just say that the weather did not want to cooperate! Though it was sunny for Oktoberfest this year, it was also the South Carolina version of freezing. Especially for early October. And the wind!
Trying to keep warm at Oktoberfest
Needless to say, we didn't get as much time in at Oktoberfest as I would have hoped. We wandered around the shops, but unlike last year didn't see much to catch our eyes. We did enjoy a few beers, and I was happy that they again had some local brews from Thomas Creek along with the Spaten options.

We also watched a little bit of the traditional music and dancing, including seeing some locals (mostly children) get out there and dance. Probably to keep warm. It was really cute and had I not been so cold and had I had a couple more beers, I may have gotten out there to dance with them ;)
Dancing at the main stage
Unfortunately, we didn't make the best food choices. Steve had a good sausage on a roll type thing from the Bavarian Pretzel Factory. I picked up a pretzel from the same place, but it was cold and so hard I could barely bite into it. Disappointing, to say the least. Also, I think we were totally spoiled with schnitzel in Germany and Austria this past summer, too, because the schnitzel we had at Greer Oktoberfest was just awful. Really greasy/oily and the breading slipped right off the pork when we tried to eat it. Yuck. Whatever restaurant was selling this crap should be glad I don't remember their name.
Seriously disgusting schnitzel.
I will say that I regret not getting food from Ember, because whatever they were whipping up both looked and smelled delicious. Oh well...there's always next year!

We headed home fairly early because of the weather (I'm not kidding when I say I should have brought gloves!) but we'll be back again next year for another go. Greer Oktoberfest really is a fun little event and to be honest it's the one time of year we have good reason to drag ourselves up there ;)

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