Friday, November 11, 2011

Eurotrip 2011, Day 3 Part 2: Eye Spy Berlin

For our second night in Berlin, Contiki had set us up with an optional excursion called Eye Spy Pub Crawl. For just 16 Euro per person we would get a short tour of a section of the Berlin Wall as well as some stories about those who tried to escape from East to West Berlin.
These poles represent where the wall used to stand
After about 30 minutes of touring and stories, it was time for the Pub Crawl portion of the tour! We even got a drink included at the first bar, though unfortunately our choices were only beer and wine. Rightfully, that first stop was at the CCCP Bar in East Berlin - CCCP being the [Russian] initials for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Now, right before we went to the CCCP Bar, we were divided into teams. Unfortunately, Steve and I and the Natalies were split up! Don't worry though, like good spies we defected to the other team.
Go Team 2!
Steve even got to "DJ" a bit after we convinced them to turn off the creepy nudist colony videos
One of many weird decorations at the CCCP Bar
On the way to the second bar, XO Berlin, we played a little spy game where we had to look for clues and see which group got to the next stop first. It was obviously a bit cheesy, but still kind of a fun way to spend the walk between the two stops. Our team made it first and we decided to do celebratory shots!
Although the second bar was fun, it was in a basement and I'm not big on basement bars. Therefore, I was happy when it was time to move on! Our tour group left the bar (this time as one entity) and upon reaching the street we were given PRETZELS! This was also part of the tour and who doesn't love a late-night munchy?

Somehow when we arrived at our last stop - Matrix - we thought it would be a good idea to have yet another shot.
...and between all of those shots and the fact that it was hot as all get out in that club (and the outdoor area was stuffed with smokers, yuck) we decided - at a decent[ish] hour - that it was time for bed.

All in all, if you're planning a Contiki tour that stops in Berlin I say do the Eye Spy Pub Crawl. While I wouldn't search it out as something to do if I was on my own in Berlin, it was definitely a fun night out with our tour group...even if it was a bit cheesy ;)

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