Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whirlwind San Francisco: Day 2, Part 2 & Our Final Morning

Well, I'm finally finishing up my San Fran posts! I wish I hadn't had to break this into three parts, but our Day 1 post and our Day 2, Part 1 post were quite long enough :) What can I say? This may have been a whirlwind trip, but we sure shoved in a lot of sightseeing. And food. And drinking.

Anyway, after our big tour of San Fran on Friday we made a quick stop at the hotel to freshen up before going out to dinner with Steve's brother and his girlfriend. As we made our way to their apartment, we - and all traffic - were stopped by a random "bicycle parade"!

I'm still not sure what this "parade" was all about, but I do know that there were numerous naked people riding in it.

Yes, naked people. Completely naked. Many of them. Unfortunately, I didn't capture any of said naked people on camera, but this is San Francisco - would you really be surprised at people riding around on their bicycles...naked? ;)

Now, as luck misfortune would have it the place where we had dinner that night has since closed :-/ It was called Maya Restaurant and was located on 2nd Street (near the corner of Harrison). It was a sort of modern Mexican restaurants with a $2 taco happy hour, and for the price the food was delicious! I'm just sad that it's no longer open for others to experience.

After dinner we all hung out a little longer, but not surprisingly we were exhausted from our two days of running around the city. It was a little after 11 PM when we finally decided to make our way back to the hotel, where we fell right into bed and even slept a bit late the next morning thanks to a mid-afternoon flight schedule to Vegas. We were also able to meet Steve's brother and his girlfriend for a sort of "brunch" at the Olympic Flame Cafe on Geary Street.

First things first - do not order a Cappuccino here. They have one of those machines that spits out fake Cappuccinos as well as hot chocolate, so you might as well just order plain old coffee for less money. Unfortunately, we also encountered not one but two rude waitresses, and to make things even more difficult they only accept cash.

All that said, the omelets at this restaurant were, in a word, amazing. So amazing that I could almost overlook my crappy Cappuccino and our rude waitress ;) And if you can remember that they only take cash, to not order a Cappuccino, and to take the waitresses with a grain of salt...then I can definitely suggest the Olympic Flame Cafe for a great breakfast.

And then it was time for us to be on our way. We headed back to the hotel to check out, and at this point I will give a word of warning - always double check your bill when checking out of a hotel! I will expand more on this when I review the hotel we stayed in (separately, as I always do), but needless to say they were charging us a full rate rather than our AAA rate and we had to make them change it. Now, they were nice about doing so - but in this particular case the AAA rate was nearly $100 less PER NIGHT than their regular rate, so its' a really really good thing that I noticed the discrepancy. Not the way I would have liked to end our stay at this hotel, which was otherwise a nice place, but I certainly didn't let this ruin any part of our wonderful two and a half days in an amazing city :)

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