Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sippin' Safari, Take 2

Last year's Sippin' Safari at the Greenville Zoo was plenty of fun, so of course we decided to hit it up again this year. Only this time, we didn't spring for VIP tickets...because last year we didn't feel as if they were worth it. The VIP section was shoved off in the back corner of the zoo, away from everything. They didn't really have that many extra wines to taste and the food was all of the cheese-and-cracker variety. We got cute little beanie flamingos but, well, we're grown-ups and don't need cute little beanie flamingos. VIP tickets are allowed entrance half an hour earlier, but Sippin' Safari is on a Friday night and us being grown-ups, we can't get there early enough to make that extra half hour truly count. Considering the difference in ticket price (literally double the cost - $30 for regular tickets vs. $60 for VIP), we simply couldn't justify it this year.

Of course, as luck would have it, this year they moved the VIP section to an area right smack in the middle of the zoo and were giving out nice-as tote bags rather than stupid beanie animals. But what can you do?

We arrived at about 6:20, ten minutes before the gates opened to all us "regular" people. I would say that we were inside by about 6:35 or so, even though the line was a bit long - they actually opened the gates a few minutes early. Now, last year we were shuffled to the left so that we could "experience" the VIP area - which means that I had no idea whatsoever that just off to the right are the Greenville Zoo's elephants!
After that we were of course free to wander, munch and sip on the great food and wine offerings presented by Bi-Lo!

Visiting our favorites...the Siamang Gibbons!

And our second favorite...the leopard! It always has good poses for us.

And of course...another good kitty.

Now...I have to take a moment to say one thing and one thing only: Dear Greenville Zoo & Bi-Lo, can you please have Sippin' Safari on a Saturday or Sunday? Because although the event lasts until 10 PM, by about 8:30 most (if not all) of the animals are away for the night...which takes away basically all of the atmosphere. Last year they left the reptile house open a bit later, and that helped, but this year it was locked by 8 PM! What's up with that???

To be honest, Sippin' Safari is fun. Especially if you've never been. As I said, you get to sample lots of tasty food and wine; doing it in a zoo just makes everything better. But now that we've been for two years in a row, we may just skip a year.

Unless of course they reschedule it for a Saturday or Sunday in 2012...then we're totally down. Just sayin'.

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