Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guidebook Review: Fodor's Caribbean 2012

Great Comprehensive Caribbean Guidebook.

First and foremost: Warning! This guidebook is not one for the budget-minded traveler. But then again, Fodor's usually aren't the guides one should peruse if you're traveling on a shoe string ;)

Having traveled to Jamaica for a full week and otherwise only visited the Caribbean on cruises (4 of them, to be exact), I can definitely recommend this guidebook if you are (a) trying to decide where to go and want a brief overview of many popular islands, (b) going on a Caribbean cruise, or (c) traveling to one of the featured islands for 4 nights or less. Anything more than 4 nights and you're probably going to want to find a guide about that specific island or that specific area of the Caribbean, as they have packed a lot of info into an already hefty book that could never cover All Things Caribbean (at least not in 1100-ish pages).

That said, this guide is worth every penny. I especially like that it is in full color! Having enjoyed Moon and Frommer's guidebooks previously, the main complaint I had about those is that most pictures (the few there were) were black and white. So Fodor's Caribbean 2012 was a breath of fresh air :)

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