Friday, October 7, 2011

The Art Bar: Now Serving Liquor!

Unfortunately, due to weather changes and allergies I missed the Art Bar's liquor launch party last week. I was disappointed because it looked like it would be such a good time...but I used missing it as an excuse to drag Steve out to Art Bar for some food and drinks over the weekend, instead :)

We shared a Croque Monsieur and the Artichoke & Goat Cheese French Bread, which were of course amazing. But what I really wanted to talk about is their drink menu!

First of all, putting together a mixed drink menu that is beyond the norm isn't the easiest thing ever. For instance, I love Smoke on the Water's "martini list" and Blue Ridge Brewing Company's selection of shooters. But most places just have the standards and don't try to veer from that.

Thankfully, Art Bar went that extra mile. You can of course order drinks not on the menu - an Old Fashioned, for example (with or without the muddled fruit), or a Gin & Tonic made with homemade quinine! But with their specialty cocktails - which they have dubbed "Artisan Cocktails" - you have some even more interesting choices. Art Bar plans on really going with the flow. The list will evolve to reflect the seasons of the year and the fresh ingredients that these seasons bring. For summer lovers there are options like the Georgia Peach (rum and peach puree, among other ingredients) and the very yummy Strawberry Fields (rum, fresh strawberries, etc.) At the moment they are also featuring fall-inspired drinks such as L'Automne 75, made with crabapple gin.

Add to all that other classic favorites such as Sazeracs and Sidecars, and I hope you can see why we were so impressed with the variety of Art Bar's new mixed drink menu. I highly suggest stopping by, chatting up the awesome bartender, and trying out some of these libations.

I know for sure that we'll be back!

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