Monday, September 12, 2011

Drinking Around the World: Food & Wine Style!

The great thing about the Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT is that you can [somewhat inexpensively] eat your way "around the world" as well as participating in the obligatory Drinking Around the World!
DATW F&W October 2007!
What is the Food & Wine Festival, you ask? Simply put, it's a giant festival that takes place at EPCOT in Walt Disney World, usually starting at the very end of September and running through, say, the second weekend in November. This time of year is in general a great time to visit (if you avoid Columbus Day weekend, that is) - it's not quite so hot, the Florida afternoon rainstorms are practically nonexistent, hotel prices are less expensive...and it's less crowded :)
DATW F&W, Halloween 2008 - necessary Troll picture
During the Food & Wine festival, the usual 11 country pavilions are open for business - of course - but for example, this year there are an additional 11 countries offering traditional food & drinks, as well as spotlights on numerous US states. You can sign up for special catered parties (dubbed Parties "for the Senses"), culinary and wine seminars. The "Eat to the Beat" concert series offers some interesting B-list artists - 2011 features the likes of Sugar Ray, Boyz II Men, Hanson, and Air Supply.
Another DATW F&W Halloween '08 picture - with the best F&W drink, the frozen Irish Coffee
The thing is, when Drinking Around the World Food & Wine Style, you still have to at least somewhat follow the DATW rules/guidelines. Of course, some things can be substituted! Therefore, my guide for a great DATW Food & Wine trip looks something like this:
  • Start by EATING around the world! Make your way to Canada around...12:30, maybe 1 PM and eat your way (counterclockwise around the World Showcase) from there to Mexico. Try the beer and cheese soup in Canada, the escargots in France, the Bobotie from South Africa, the lamb from New Zealand...whatever floats your boat! Don't stuff yourself too much (which is honestly difficult as the portions are "tasting" portions, not full meals) and by the time you get to Mexico - hopefully around 2/2:30 PM - you'll be ready for a Margarita!
  • Note that you STILL have to have at least 11 drinks in order for your DATW experience to "count". That said, during the Food & Wine festival you have so many more choices! I always stick with my favorites (I'll never skip those Margaritas in Mexico or the Tangerine Daiquiries in Morocco!) but it's great to change out, say, an "okay" Tsing Tao beer from China for an absolutely amazing frozen Irish coffee from Ireland :) Now, can you still drink the usuals and add a couple extra drinks on? Sure, if you're really, really brave. But I don't suggest do want to actually make it all the way around the world, right?
(Yes, that means the kidcot mask, the fact that it's better with a group, and that you should take a ton of pictures...etc.)

What are you waiting for? Get your butt down to Disney for the Food & Wine Festival. I know I'll be down there at one point this fall!

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  1. Ah DAtW, I really need to get my act together so I can join you guys on another one.