Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Charleston Food & Wine Festival

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of attending the Charleston Food & Wine Festival. In fact, we had booked our package at this time last year - because many of the festival events sell out rather quickly. We decided on one of the packages with the Andrew Pinckney Inn, mainly because we could only be there for a weekend and there were very few two-night packages offered.

Now, I highly suggest booking a package (and doing so ASAP) because this is really the best way to get tickets to some of the more popular events. Plus, you will probably get a great little welcome gift bag - ours features everything from a small jar of BBQ sauce to some great silicone spatulas!

Our package included tickets to the early tasting tents in Marion Square on Saturday (11-2) as well as for the Gospel Brunch on Sunday. To be honest we were far more excited about the tasting tents, which turned out to be just amazing. We were able to eat a pretty decent lunch just by sampling some of the great food being given away, and there was plenty of wine (as well as a couple mixed drinks and beers) flowing.

We also added our own activity on Saturday evening by doing another tour with the Lesesne Tour Company. In honor of the Food & Wine Festival, this time around we chose their Martini Tour - and had an amazing time. So amazing, in fact, that we barely made it to the Gospel Brunch the next morning.

Now, as you can probably tell from the picture above, we were sitting practically right under the gospel singers. And that music was LOUD. And - totally our fault - we just weren't feeling it. We were tired and hungover and between the absolutely ridiculous volume of the music and the weird food, I simply wasn't too keen on the Gospel Brunch. Sad but true. But I had been hoping for some great brunch food and instead got this:
Which, if my memory serves me correctly, was basically boiled celery, a cold half-cooked egg, a pile of grits and a chunk of duck.

Yeah, duck.

I mean, I know this is a Food & Wine festival and I expected some fancy takes on classic dishes, but the food at the Gospel Brunch was just beyond that and bordering on, well, gross. As soon as we were finished eating we basically ran away from the unnecessarily loud music and decided that it was probably time to drive home.

Of course, the weekend as a whole was fun and I heard great things about many of the other activities - so I definitely suggest checking out this Food & Wine festival if you need an excuse to go to Charleston.

But who am I kidding? Why would anyone need an excuse to go to Charleston? ;)

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