Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coffee Underground: Why didn't I know about the bar?

As a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado, I am honestly appalled that I had to live here for nearly two years before ever visiting Coffee Underground. And honestly, I heard mostly good things about this place and had no reason not to go.

My first thought upon entering Coffee Underground was Why did no one tell me about the full bar?! And they have a great mixed drink menu to go with it! I honestly feel cheated by my fellow Greenvillites (Greenvillians?) who didn't share this very important bit of information ;)

Despite being in a basement (one of my pet peeves is the number of downtown Greenville bars located in creepy basements), the location is fairly spacious and the eclectic tables, chairs and couches are a great addition. It makes Coffee Underground feel cozy; homey, even.

I was actually visiting Coffee Underground for a day-long event and therefore was able to start my morning off with some of their house coffee (hot), continue with lunch, and round it all off with an iced cappuccino. Now, there was nothing amazing about the hot coffee, but it wasn't bad either. My veggie focaccia sandwich was delicious, but to be honest it was a bit small for what it cost. Where Coffee Underground really seemed to shine was - not surpisingly - their vast potential for specialized coffee drinks. And even though it was lunchtime, and they were fairly busy, they were willing to work with me to create something that wasn't quite on the menu - an iced cappuccino with just a dash of white chocolate flavoring, because I like a bit of sweet but don't care for syrupy coffee.

I think that if I had been at Coffee Underground by myself or with just a couple people, I would have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. However, I had heard that they aren't all that great with large groups and I believe this is a correct assessment. The photography class I was attending - a group of maybe 25-30 people - placed orders around 11 AM, and at 1 PM the majority of the orders were still not ready. Lunch rush is one thing, but two hours to put together some sandwiches seems a bit unnecessary.

That said, I will be back to Coffee Underground - and soon - if only to hang out and try some of those drinks at the bar I didn't know existed ;)

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