Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Asheville NC, Part 1: The Biltmore

We visited the Biltmore during the month in November, and though it was before Thanksgiving they were already decorated for Christmas! I would say that spring - a.k.a. when the flowers are in bloom - and Christmas season are the best times to visit this amazing place. First things first, we purchased our tickets to the house, including the audio tour, and hit up the Stable Cafe for lunch! This place had a great atmosphere - not surprising as it actually was a stable at one point and you eat lunch in renovated horse stalls!
In our "stall" at the Stable Cafe
Beyond the really neat setting, the food was delicious - fried green tomatoes, Carolina BBQ and chicken salad sandwiches, and a selection of moist, flavorful mini cupcakes for dessert!
Cheesin' it up with my self-dubbed Nannerpuss Cupcake
Finally it was time for our tour! Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures in the house, but I got plenty of the grounds, of course :) I will say one thing - the inside of the "house" is a must-see and if you've never been before, definitely get the audio tour. It was really awesome to see the interior decorated for Christmas - with mostly period decorations!

The greenhouse has flowers all year long :)

We wandered the grounds for quite some time and then stopped back near the house for some shopping. The stores here are just great - a confectionary, a toystore filled with old-fashioned toys and games, a Christmas themed store, a bookstore specializing in works relating to the Vanderbilts and their era, and of course a shop filled with awesome Biltmore souvenirs. I just wish I hadn't been on a limited budget! Well, I've learned my lesson for next time - because yes, there will be a next time :)

As we were leaving they were lighting the Christmas Tree :)

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  1. Hmm, Asheville is on the list of SE cities we're thinking of visiting this fall. I'll keep this one in mind!