Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whirlwind San Francisco: Day 1

Earlier this year I told Steve that I was going to take him somewhere for his birthday, and of course it was his job to choose the place. Because his brother had recently moved to San Francisco, it was almost no choice at all; unfortunately, the amount of vacation time we could allot for this trip wasn't very much. What we were left with was flying out west on a Wednesday evening - after work - and not arriving until past midnight. This would give us two full days in San Fran before a one-night stop in Vegas on our way back east.

Of course, our flight was delayed - because that always happens - and we checked in to The Hotel Carlton on Sutter Street at around 2 AM. It was right to bed and up by 10 for our first day in San Francisco!

We wanted a nice big breakfast/brunch and Steve's brother suggested The Grand Cafe - but when we arrived there around 11, it wasn't open yet! Thankfully we had just passed a deli on the other side of the street - David's Delicatessen (at 474 Geary Street) - so we decided to pop in there. And it was really, really good. Not exactly cheap, but for around $40 we each got huge meals, Cappuccinos/Espressos, and mimosas. I have since checked out the Yelp! reviews for this place and honestly don't understand why it has such terrible ratings. The coffee was good, the pancakes were light and fluffy, the server was attentive enough and got our orders correct...we were nothing short of pleased with our meal there.

After breakfast/brunch we were off to pick up Steve's brother at his office (he works in the same building as the Twitter offices!) and from there to a baseball game - Giants vs. Marlins at AT&T Park.

Sadly, the Giants lost - but our seats in View Box 317 were worth every penny we paid for them on Stub Hub (about $45 each with Stub Hub fees). If you're ever headed out to San Fran and want to catch a baseball game, I highly suggest checking for seats in this View Box!

Post-game we stopped at Eddie Rickenbacker's (133 2nd Street) for a couple of drinks. This bar is a favorite with locals and the motorcycles and Tiffany lamps showcased in this bar give it a feel all its own. I was almost disappointed when we left to go change and grab some dinner! We ended up eating at Buca di Beppo - yes, I know it's a chain but we don't have them here and I'd heard good things. We weren't disappointed! The family-style dishes were great - it was so nice to be able to order three huge meals and share with everyone. And on top of that, the restaurant itself was cozy and had tons of great decor items lining the walls. I'd go back in a heartbreak!

And as for being a bit disappointed about leaving Eddie's earlier in the day? No fear...we went back for more [drinks, that is]! We rounded out our first day here and honestly, it was a perfect first day - because really, what's better than yummy food, baseball, and beer? we look ready for bed, or what?

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  1. how fun to take a quick trip to san francisco! It's such a beautiful city, I'm not sure you could go wrong. My favorite areas to spend time in are north beach and chinatown! I found a really good vegetarian chinese restaurant, I think it was called Enjoy or Lucky or something? I'll have to do some research :)