Monday, June 13, 2011

Walk on the Wild Side Charity Pub Crawl Recap

This past Saturday was the big day for our safari-themed charity pub crawl in downtown Greenville. Of course I'm a bit biased, but I'd have to say that it went extremely well! In the end we had 41 people participate and we raised $365 for Greenville County Animal Care Services! And considering this first time event was pretty successful, we're definitely hoping to make it an annual occurrence :)

We started the evening at Mojitos on South Main, and they were gracious enough to offer us a special of any mojito for $5! It was a great kick off for a summer pub crawl, for sure.
Just after 7 PM, I blew my peacock call (borrowed from my father because I thought it would be funnier than a plain old whistle or air horn - and it was a big hit!) and we headed on to our second stop, Chicora Alley. Because we had planned on stopping everywhere for at least 45 minutes, everyone knew that they had time to order some of Chicora's yummy food as well as enjoy some great draft craft beers for only $3.25.
Our third stop was a Greenville staple - Connolly's - who is gracious enough to participate in basically any pub crawl that happens downtown, and even offer awesome specials such as $1.75 domestics and two-for-one car bombs!
Now, apparently we looked like we were having so much fun - or we just looked like so much fun - that we picked up four random people at Connolly's! They happily paid their $6 each and joined in with our shenanigans for the rest of the night.

Rey's was our fourth stop, and the only semi complaint that I have about the evening revolves around this. Despite having been in contact with the manager, the bartenders had no idea that a pub crawl would be stopping there. However, we still ended up attracting I two more people with our crawl and around 10 PM it was time to head over to Hoops and Hops!
Hoops and Hops was by far one of the easiest places to get in touch with when planning this crawl. They were happy to be involved and offered up a ton of great specials for us, including $5 Jagerbombs and $1 jello shots! We settled in here until about 11 PM, as they were still serving food and some of us wanted to snack a bit ;) And from there we moved on to our sixth and final stop, The Gathering Spot. They had a DJ that evening and us pub crawlers settled in to dance the rest of the night away!

All in all, we took what we felt were the best ideas from past pub crawls that we've been to in Greenville and combined them for one heck of a fun night. As I already mentioned, we raised $365 for GCACS and I hope to put on another Walk on the Wild Side pub crawl next summer and maybe raise even more money for a great cause!

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