Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Updated Visited States Map :)

35/50 states! (Or to put it in percentage terms - I have visited 70% of the states in the US!)

I just returned from a short business trip to Columbus, Ohio and can now mark Ohio off my visited states list :) I definitely have some thoughts on Columbus, even if I wasn't there that long, so stay tuned for a future post...if I ever catch up on the trips I'm backlogged on, that is...haha

And I'm geeky enough to be super excited that my Entire East Coast is now colored in...that empty spot of Ohio was really bugging me... ;)


  1. Looks like now you've got all the middle bits to tackle. :) And Hawaii. You prompted me to keep a list of all the ones I've gone to. And then I quickly ignored it because the number is absolutely teeny. I've not been to most of them! Haha.

  2. hmm- if you make a trip to MN let me know!

  3. ugh Columbus is the worst when you bleed maize and blue :)

  4. what do the different colors mean?

  5. @Sandy - I know, I think it's pretty rare that one has reason to go to the "middle bits". But if someone can tell me awesome things to do in the Dakotas or Nebraska or Kansas, I'll welcome the info!

    @Meri - I will! I've honestly never thought to have a reason to go to Minnesota, but maybe someday...if I want to actually visit all 50 states :)

    @Stacy - haha, I figured I'd get a comment from you about that. Columbus wasn't so bad though!

    @bluestarfish - I actually don't think they really mean anything...the website where I got this map/meme thing didn't mention the colors at all. Probably just to differentiate the states...I've done other visited states maps where they all filled in with the same color and this one looks much more fun/easier to decipher :)