Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Green Room Upstate: A great downtown option!

The Green Room opened on North Main quite a few months ago, and after hearing numerous stellar reviews from friends we finally stopped by to check it out. We even wanted to make a full night of it - appetizers, entrees, drinks...maybe even dessert!

Our shared round of appetizers included the grilled artichokes over mozzarella slices, the bruschetta and the Ahi Tuna mini tacos.
Grilled Arthichokes over Mozzarella

Ahi Tuna Mini Tacos

While the bruschetta and the grilled artichokes were certainly tasty, it was the Ahi Tuna tacos that truly stole the show. If you're at The Green Room and just need a snack, or if you know you'll be ordering an appetizer, we highly recommend these!

Our group ordered numerous different entrees as well - a New York Strip that was on special, the Seared Scallops, the North Main Chicken, the pork chops, the seafood pasta and the TGR Meatloaf. We all enjoyed our meals immensely, but the real hits were the North Main Chicken and the scallops!
Seared Scallops over polenta with asparagus
TGR Meatloaf with jalapeno macaroni & cheese and creamed peas
The chicken was delicious and not at all boring as many restaurant chicken dishes can be. The scallops were large and succulent, cooked to perfection and somewhat surprisingly complemented by the simple side dishes of polenta and asparagus.

A note on the meatloaf - this was the dish that I personally ordered and while both it and the mac & cheese were extremely good, it is pretty darn spicy. I'm not big on spicy dishes and I still ate almost all of this meal, which attests to how delicious it was - but I do wish I'd had a bit more warning as to just how spicy this meal would be.

We also enjoyed some tasty drinks with our meal, and I can second a friend's opinion that the drink list here is well-rounded and that the bartenders know how to mix up a strong but still tasty drink. Unfortunately, when it came time to order dessert we were not offered any sort of menu but told they had just two options - pecan pie and cheesecake. Somewhat disappointing considering their online menu boasts such delicious sounding choices as blueberry bread pudding and "cookies and cream". My only real suggestion for The Green Room would be that they look into re-expanding their dessert menu :) Other than that, this restaurant is a great option for a somewhat affordable dinner out in downtown!
The Green Room

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