Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guidebook Review of The Showgirl Next Door: Holly Madison's Las Vegas

This book is, first and foremost, a great alternative guide to Vegas. I've been to Sin City five times and have never seen or heard of many of the restaurants and sights that Holly lists! The chapters on a road trip from LA to Vegas, the history of Vegas and its showgirls, and the Fremont Street/downtown Vegas area are especially interesting. I also think that Holly did a great job with her restaurant recommendations--from the pricey to the budget, the fancy to the "if you just want a good burger or hot dog", she really listed something for everyone.

The only slightly negative thing about this book is that I really hoped for a good solid chapter on Vegas nightlife. I've been to over half a dozen of the clubs in Vegas and was really hoping for some insight/recommendations on where to go when, or at least where to go/avoid PERIOD. Other than a brief (maybe half a page) blurb, there was basically no nightlife information in this book and that was seriously disappointing.

Again, there is every reason in the world for this book to be called "Holly Madison's Las Vegas". She gives you insight that no one else can give you (i.e. the look at Peepshow) and having watched both The Girls Next Door and Holly's World, her personality and the things she enjoys really shine in this guide.


  1. This book sounds so interesting.. I can't imagine Las Vegas playboy bunny style... it was WILD enough being just plane me!

  2. If there is one place I would want her recommendations for, its las vegas!

  3. Atleast we know she eats a hot dog once in a while. I think she was my least favorite on The Girls Next Door...but it was really close between her and Kendra. Don't get me started on her laugh!

    Have a great weekend! :)