Friday, April 15, 2011

Vegas Like a Rockstar: Day 3

On this particular trip, my second morning in Vegas was, to say the very least, rough. I immediately knew that something had to be done. I dragged myself out of bed to take Jenna on one last little shopping trip, than for a late breakfast/early lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in the Mirage (I'm sorry, I'm obsessed with their Pear Gorgonzola pizza!). Natalie and Vanessa met Jenna and I and we gorged ourselves on yummy CPK pizza. At this point, it was [unfortunately!] time for Jenna to leave. I bid her adieu, and then did the same with Natalie and Vanessa as they wanted to go shopping.

And then it was all "me" time. A quick stop at the room for robe, flip flops and book, I left my phone behind and made my way to the Mirage spa. $25 later and I had the all-access day pass to the jacuzzis, sauna, steam room, etc...and Holy Mother of God was it worth it!
To be specific, there were two cold jacuzzis and two hot jacuzzis, a steam room, a sauna, showers, and plenty of free juice and bottled water. Upon entering I was immediately treated like a queen - given a tour, presented with my personal locker, told to help myself to the drinks...and then left completely and blissfully alone.

I was there for three hours! Hopping back and forth between steam room, cold jacuzzi, and hot jacuzzi...and when I finally returned to my room to shower and get ready for an evening out on the town, I felt nearly 100% myself! (I say nearly because yes, that much time in a steam room does take something out of you)

Jonathan and Roshan had disappeared on a Hoover Dam tour, so I grabbed a latte and met up with Natalie and Vanessa around 4:30. Our goal was to check out some of the Christmas decorations at nearby hotels; unfortunately, when we stepped outside it was pouring rain! I mean, it was raining so hard that the road was basically one big river and there was no way for us to cross it without getting wet halfway up our calves. Therefore, we chose to run over to the Forum Shops at Caesars for some wandering and some food - we were all starving!

We ended up basically stumbling into Planet Hollywood for dinner, and it had honestly been...shoot, five years? Maybe longer? since I had eaten at one of these. But the food was actually pretty good! And after dinner I walked them through Caesar's so we could check out all of the Christmas decorations...
By the time we had seen all Caesar's had to offer, it was nearing 6 PM - and our limo was picking us up at 8! We booked it back to the Mirage to get ready for our - well, mine, Jonathan's, and Roshan's - last night out in Vegas.

Honestly, the limo idea was perfect. Why? Well, for something like $270 we got two hours with/in this baby:
(Yeah, none of us got a full-length picture of it. Bad tourists.)
First, we popped champagne.
Oh yeah, I went there.

Then, we drove up the Strip blasting our music and yelling out the window at random passers-by.

And finally, we arrived at the infamous Las Vegas sign! Despite the fact that it was still raining (though thankfully not as hard!), we braved the crappy weather and took advantage of such a Kodak moment...
...and then we all RAN back to the limo to get out of the rain.

Our next limo tour stop was Fremont Street, to see the overhead light show and check out "Old Vegas"...or rather, what's left of it.
At this point, it was time to conclude our limo ride and get dropped off at the Encore for a night out at XS!

We were a bit early, so we wandered the hotel and casino, did a bit of slot gambling, had a drink and then got in line. Thankfully, we were on the list so we didn't wait but 10 minutes...and the girls didn't have to pay!

(Moment of silence over the fact that for the first time that weekend, poor Jonathan and Roshan had to discover what it was like to pay a Vegas club cover charge.)

And now, dear readers, I will give you one hell of a photo dump. Because this was one hell of an awesome night.
A great thing about XS - they have places outside for normal peeps like you and I to sit. No Vegas shuffle there!
Our limo driver showed up later that night!
Shot #3. Note creeper in the background. I told him I liked his glasses and he kinda...hung around for a bit too long. My bad.
Oh, Jonathan.
Natalie's feet hurt and I was trying to get her in trouble for walking around without shoes ;)
Now, as you can see from that last picture ^^^ we were leaving XS and the Encore. Once we arrived back at the Mirage, Natalie and Vanessa whisked themselves off to bed. But the thought of sleep was not appealing to Jonathan, Roshan and I. Oh no. What we wanted...was McDonald's.

But first, a stop at our favorite slot machine! (Or at least Roshan's favorite slot machine...)
Yes, that says "Cougarlicious", folks.
And as you can see, we're pretty classy and bring our wine with us to McDonald's.

And that's that, folks. It was...oh I don't know, a 4:30/5 AM bedtime for us that night, and yes, it was rough getting up for my 11 AM flight the next morning.

All I know is that this trip yet again cemented how much I love Vegas. We partied like rockstars all weekend and yes, I'm already counting down to my next trip to Sin City!


  1. I love your partyin outfit! Were you a total prune after spending all of that time in the hot jacuzzi, cold jacuzzi, steamer..?

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