Friday, April 8, 2011

Moon Handbook: Charleston & Savannah

I wanted to write a quick review about this guidebook, as I read the Charleston half of it before our trip there last month. I can see how this book would be amazing help for someone traveling down south for a true vacation - spending a week or so in Charleston, Savannah, and other parts of the low country. For me, it gave some great shopping and restaurant suggestions that I hadn't known about before, which was perfect for the type of trip we were taking.

The only two things I didn't care for regarding the Charleston portion of this guidebook was the lack of historical information (I was spoiled by the huge amount of this in the New Orleans guide that I read last year) and the fact that there was little to no information about nightlife! Seriously, the author mentions a couple random bars but nothing about some of the great places I've seen on my past couple of trips to Charleston - Blind Tiger, the Griffon, the Speakeasy, the Gin Joint...thankfully we hooked up with a great tour company that showed us these places, but in the future I hope the author will write a few more pages on Charleston's great nightlife. Because Charleston does have great nightlife.

All in all, I give the Charleston section of this guidebook a 3.5 out of 5. If you're only going to Charleston you may want to look into purchasing a guidebook that focuses solely on this city; again, though, if you're planning a big trip and stopping in both Charleston and Savannah, this "handbook" is probably the way to go.


  1. You should write your OWN version of the book! In your own "voice." I would for sure read it :)

  2. Meri - I would love, love, love to be a professional travel writer :) Either for a magazine, or just publish a book of my travels, or guidebooks...I don't care! :)