Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hotel Review: Fort Wilderness Cabins at Walt Disney World

Some friends and I rented out a cabin at Fort Wilderness because it was the cheapest way for 5 people to stay in one room, and we really liked the idea of having a full kitchen. Needless to say, for the price the cabin itself and its cleanliness were impressive. The only complaint I had about the accommodations was that the little parking area in front of our cabin could have been a bit bigger--we had a little Volkswagen and an average-sized SUV and could barely fit both of them in the parking was a tight squeeze to say the least. Also, as a note - the bunk beds in the main bedroom are very short and obviously mainly made for children. If you're over 5'5" this would not be a comfortable sleeping arrangement. That's just something to keep in mind if you're traveling with a group of adults and considering these cabins.

The things about Fort Wilderness that made my stay just so-so were the transportation issues and the pool. I've stayed at many different Disney resorts, including ones on the monorail line and ones that just run buses, and have never really had major complaints about the transportation--but Fort Wilderness is a bit ridiculous. For instance, from our cabin we had to take one bus to a different bus stop, take another bus to yet another bus stop, walk about 500 yards, and then take a very slow boat, all to get to Magic Kingdom. I understand Fort Wilderness is large, but you would think that they would at least have a bus that went directly from the main bus stop to the Magic Kingdom, which apparently is not the case.

The pool was just gross. It was large but was just a rectangular pool, no slides or anything, and there was a film on the top of the water that was obviously a mixture of suntan oil/sunscreen and who knows what else. It didn't look as if it had been cleaned once all summer (we were there toward the end of July). Also, there were a lot of unsupervised children running around, despite the fact that it was late at night when we finally did go to the pool.

Overall, if you're going to Disney during an off-season, I think Fort Wilderness is an okay place to stay if you have no other option, but I certainly would not suggest staying there during a busy season. You waste too much time trying to get to the parks and the busy seasons tend to be warmer anyway (except for Thanksgiving/Christmas) so you would of course want to swim, and I don't suggest the awful pool here.


  1. Haha- oh no, this does nothing for my fear/ disgust of public pools! The cabins look really cute, sorry it was just meh!

  2. @Meri - The cabins really are cute and the price is right; sucks that they have the transportation issues and the gross pool though! The thing is, this hotel and the All Star Sports are the only Disney hotels where I've ever had issues with a yucky pool...

  3. I could see the tranportation being a problem, I remember going there to check out the horseback riding (which is your average resort ride experience) and it taking forever to get there and back. The cabins are cute though, and the concept is good, too bad they don't put a little more effort into it.

  4. Yeah, I checked them out after your last post and I'm totally obsessed. 
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