Friday, March 25, 2011

Vegas Like a Rockstar: Day 2

I wish I could say that we were up bright and early on day 2 of our Vegas Rockstar trip...

...but we weren't. In fact, I laid in bed for most of the morning. We were waiting for two more friends - my girl Natalie from Australia, and her cousin...Vanessa. I think. Oops.

(Told you I partied too much that weekend)

Eventually we got the call - the Aussies were delayed at LAX and we had full permission to do the champagne brunch at Cravings (in the Mirage) on our own!

I'd only eaten dinner at Cravings before, and wasn't too fond of it. But everything's better with champagne, right?

Well, sort of. The food was average (not even as good as that at Planet Hollywood's Spice Market; nothing like Mandalay Bay's brunch) and the champagne didn't flow quite fast enough. But it also wasn't terrible and you can bet your bottom dollar I drank my $30-ish (buffet cost plus tip) worth of champagne!

At this point the boys decided to take a nap, but I was a good 4 or 5 (or 6...or 7...) glasses of champagne back and decreed (very loudly) "NO NAPS IN VEGAS!"

So Jenna and I checked out the Mirage Christmas decorations...
...bought ourselves some more champagne...

...and went shopping!
Don't fault her too much. It was her first adult trip to Vegas, after all. And we were drunk shopping. So sue us.
Several more glasses of wine (had to get off the bubbly, oof) later, Natalie and Vanessa arrived and we all got ready for another big night out! Jonathan of course had to do the paparazzi thing with Jenna and I (again)...

And then we were on our way to Peepshow! On the way there we were stopped by some promoters and offered free VIP admission to The Bank at Bellagio. Sure, whatever! They took my name and we entered the show pretty darn pleased with ourselves...only to get another surprise! Natalie had secretly upgraded our tickets - at her own expense - and we were literally in the first row of seats, right behind the VIP tables! Not only were the seats great, but the show was AMAZING. I was seriously surprised at how much I liked it. I only wish Holly Madison had more stage time/lines! Still, it was fun and definitely an awesome first burlesque show to see in Vegas :)

Post-Peepshow we grabbed a couple drinks at one of the bars in the Planet Hollywood casino, in order to ramp up for what we thought would be a night of dancing at The Bank.
Hadn't seen this girl in three and a half years...where better to do so than VEGAS?!

Buuut...apparently we wasted too much time. It was close to midnight when we arrived at The Bellagio and they weren't letting anyone - even off the list - into the club anymore. Boo to that. I've heard mixed reviews about The Bank but I'm always up for a free night at a Vegas club. Still, that didn't mean our party was over! We gathered up some random peeps (not kidding) and headed back to the Mirage, figuring we could at least hit up Jet for a little bit.

Only it was closed!

Bad Tara, I guess. Jet was open on Sunday night when I was in Vegas this summer, so I just kind of assumed that it would be open on a Sunday night in December. Oops.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that we weren't done yet! Instead, we ordered up a bottle of wine and enjoyed the Mirage lobby bar - one of my favorite places in Vegas - for a couple of hours before calling it an early (eh-hem, 2 AM and I'd been drinking since about 1 PM) night.

Well, Vanessa and Natalie and I called it an early night, anyway. I have no idea what happened to Jonathan, Roshan, or even Jenna the rest of that night...other than that they didn't all come to bed until...4? 5? So they were the rockstars that evening, I suppose ;)
I'm just throwing this picture in for good measure ;) My BFF looks like a rockstar, right?


  1. Yeah...I don't think I could keep up with you guys, I'll freely admit that. ;) (It REALLY sucks when you're the girlfriend that's unable to hold her liquor. Being a lightweight doesn't help.) lol.

  2. haha, if it makes you feel better sometimes *I* can't even keep up with me! (and I usually can't keep up with Jenna) ;)

  3. way to not let a few setbacks stop the party! Love the paparazzi pics :)