Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vegas Like a Rockstar: Day 1

I've "done Vegas" many different ways--my first trip with a bunch of Vegas vets; my second trip, all girls and for my baby sister's 21st; my third trip, just me and my boyfriend; my fourth trip, for a conference for work. Originally I was just excited to be going to Vegas during the holiday season--getting to see the casinos and hotels all decked out for Christmas, and of course having weather that was a bit warmer than home for the moment.

Of course, that's not exactly how this trip turned out. I did get to see some Christmas decorations, and the temperature was a good 15-20 degrees higher in Vegas than in South Carolina while I was there...but to be completely honest, I didn't really get to do everything I wanted to do. Of course, in this case that was a-okay because instead, I was a Vegas Rockstar from Saturday, 12/18/2010 until Tuesday, 12/21/2010.

So let's jump into day one of my fifth Vegas trip! First, I find it necessary to introduce the cast; at least as it stood for the first day. It was myself, my best friend Jenna (who had never been to Vegas as an adult), my best friend Jonathan, and his good friend Roshan (neither of whom had ever been to Vegas).
Meeting Jenna at the Charlotte airport--and first drinks of the trip! (We start early. Like Rockstars. Hence.)
Jonathan & Roshan post-liquor store
Unfortunately, mine and Jenna's flight from Charlotte to Vegas was delayed by a little over an hour. Poor Jonathan and Roshan waited at the airport for us! (Wait, why am I calling them "poor"? They sat at an airport bar and got half drunk...haha) This screwed with our first day plans a bit because we really didn't have time to do a liquor store run, eat dinner, go to Fremont Street and get ready for our big night out at the Palms. So we nixed Fremont Street and instead stocked up on bourbon, beer, and box o' (wine, that is), then had dinner at BB King's at the Mirage. The food was actually pretty darn good, and the price was right as well!

Of course, before I go any farther I have to mention our room. Because I booked just a regular room at the Mirage. What can I say, I'm cheap? Nah, it's just that you simply don't spend enough time in the room in Vegas to need some fancy place to stay. Of course, when we checked in I made sure to mention that I was there celebrating my birthday (true story) and that I was a frequent guest (this was my third stay at the Mirage and if I can help it I'll never stay anywhere else in Vegas). Bing bang boom, free upgrade to a Strip View room! (Pardon the rhyme)
Seriously, look at that view! We done good.
And then it was time to get ready for our night out.
Of course there was pregaming, of course there were plenty of in-room photos, and then we hopped in a cab for our night at Ghostbar/Rain/Playboy Club/Moon.

Only, as I've already written, the cab didn't take us to the Palms? Go figure.

But it's all good. I know people who know people and we were VIP that night. No cover charges, no lines, just an amazing evening at what I deem are some of the best clubs in Vegas--though Rain left something to be desired (for me anyway, because I'm just not that into the whole techno scene). Jonathan won big playing blackjack at the Playboy Club and we didn't go back to the room until we really had no other choice.
The "Core Four" at Ghostbar
Oh, and some random guy thought I was a $1,000 an hour hooker and I wasn't sure whether or not I should be offended. I mean, what girl wants to be accused of being a hooker? But then, $1,000 an hour is pretty high class hooker. So.
Just to be clear, I'm NOT screaming in excitement over being called a hooker. Even if I do look like I'm worth $1,000 an hour.
Stay tuned for the rest of our trip: champagne, burlesque shows, limos and more!


  1. that dress is H-O-T my friend. and of course $1,000/hour is a high class hooker. ;)

    can't wait to read more!

  2. thank you dear! forever 21 is my friend, haha. I only ever buy "going out" clothes from that site/store.

    I probably should have told the entire hooker story, because it's a doozie. maybe I will once I'm done recapping this entire trip :)

  3. I have never been to Vegas, it's on my before 30 list. But looks like I should go with you, room upgrade and VIP? Hook a girl up!

  4. @Annie - I will say this, I am a Vegas pro! haha. This particular entry is about my 5th trip and I'll be down there for a 6th time in May :)

  5. I've never been to Vegas. I've been to Atlantic City, which is like the boring, trashy version of Vegas.

    You got your dress at Forever 21?!? AWESOME find. Also, congrats on getting an even better room!