Wednesday, March 30, 2011

St. Patty's Day at Fitzpatrick's

After experiencing Fitzpatrick's once before and being pleased with the food and atmosphere, we decided it would be the perfect place to celebrate St. Patty's Day this year. We assumed it would be crowded and rushed over there as soon as we could, arriving about 6:40. There wasn't an empty table in sight (no surprise) - but on top of that it was a general host/hostess to take your name or anything. (And as the evening wore on it became more and more apparent that they were severely understaffed, which seems to me a bit like bad planning for a major Irish holiday at an Irish pub.)

We stood around for about 5 minutes, until I got tired of hoping someone would help us and approached three girls who were sitting at a large table. They had three empty chairs and I basically just asserted myself and asked if we could sit with them. Of course they said yes - after warning us that they had been there nearly 20 minutes and a waitress still hadn't come around. At this point I did us all a favor and approached a group of waitresses who were milling around at the back of the restaurant to ask if someone could help us. Within ten minutes we had drinks and were able to order food as well. Unfortunately they were serving a limited menu and had already run out of their Irish stew and Guinness cake! Again, poor planning.

To be completely honest, I'm fond of Fitzpatrick's. I like the dim lighting and the paneling and the [nearly] authentic feel of the place. As long as you stick with the Irish-inspired dishes on their menu (awesome fish and chips!), along with a couple other random options that I can vouch for as being delicious (their meat loaf sandwich is to die for, but their nachos are disgusting, avoid them at all costs), you'll be pleased with the food. The beer selection isn't the best in Greenville but better than most places in Fitzpatrick's general area (Laurens, Pleasantburg, and Haywood roads, for example). And the prices are great as well. I can imagine that had they been properly staffed and paying attention to new arrivals, St. Patrick's Day would have been a lot more fun there. In fact, the Irish band they had was great, but as they offer a live traditional Irish band on a regular basis it's not like one would have to go on St. Patrick's Day to get this experience.

Our conclusion? Service here is good if it's not insanely busy. (Good, but as a note - nothing spectacular, especially if you have a larger group, as we did the other time we went) Food is outstanding if as I said you stick to the Irish dishes or the dishes Fitzpatrick's is known for (again, the meat loaf sandwich! order it! and the "Bookmaker" is great as well). If you want a place with decent prices and drink options without going downtown, I also suggest checking out this bar. Don't be fooled by the blase exterior, either - because the inside is quaint and far more attractive than the gray square building it's housed in ;o)

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