Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hotel Review: Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge

When we took our Princess Cruise Tour, we spent just one night at this lodge--and I only wish we had booked a package that included more nights than that! There was a lot more to do here than there was at the McKinley Princess Lodge--better shopping and more restaurant choices, as well as a plethora of outdoor activities. The lodge itself was a lot nicer as well; it didn't seem to be showing age the way the McKinley Princess did.

The one issue I had at the Denali Princess lodge was that the staff was disorganized and not overly helpful. When we arrived the keycards they gave us did not work (apparently a common problem) and we had to wait twenty minutes for someone to come fix that; then when I called the outfitters desk to book the dinner theater, I was told I had to walk all the way down to the main lodge and do that in person. A bit frustrating to say the least, especially after a long bus ride and the key card issue. To be completely honest, had I not just had a far below average stay at the McKinley Princess I would probably give the Denali Princess a worse review, but in general the room was clean and comfortable, the scenery was beautiful and it was extremely convenient to Denali park.

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