Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Travel Bucket List: Less Pressing Locales

Recently I decided to post a few different lists of the places I really want to visit during my lifetime. The lists will be as follows:

  1. Main Must-Sees
  2. Less Pressing Locals
  3. Specific Sights
  4. Revisits!
In this entry I'm going to list my "Less Pressing Locales". Basically, these are places I'd absolutely love to visit, but they aren't quite as high on the list as my Main Must-Sees . Because let's face facts, sometimes you just have to prioritize. It's unfortunately very likely that I won't get to see every place in the world that I want to see...but y'all know I'm going to try!

Therefore, without further ado (and these are really in no specific order):
  • Japan - Namely Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland.
  • China - The Great Wall of China? The Terra Cotta Warriors? Real Chinese food? Yes please! And of course we can't forget Hong Kong and yes, Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • New Zealand - I honestly had no desire until I saw Lord of the Rings. Whatever.
  • Kenya - Safari, please.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo - Yes, this is because of a book. Congo by Michael Crichton. Deal with it.
  • Morocco - One word: Casablanca.
  • Chile - I really want to go skiing here, especially because their ski season/winter is our summer :o)
  • Turks & Caicos - I read an article about these islands in...I want to say late 2002. I've wanted to go ever since.
  • Croatia - The more I see about this country, the more I want to go! Maybe a cruise or a Contiki trip, we'll see.
  • Norway - Mainly for the Fjords, but this is a place I could tack on easily if I do get to Sweden, which is on my Main Must-Sees list.
  • Russia - Russian history intrigues me. And I did a report on the Trans-Siberian railroad in middle school. So.
  • Greece - This should probably be on my Must-Sees list, but I had to drop off a few places.
  • Turkey - Like Croatia, the more I hear about Turkey the more I want to visit!
  • India - I think this one should be self-explanatory, and it's up there with Greece on places that should be a Must-See but was unfortunately dropped off because that list was already far too long.
  • The United Arab Emirates - Pretty much because of Dubai.
  • And just so I don't jinx anything, I'm going to say Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary. Because I want to visit all three and have plans to do so this summer :o)
Phew, that list is even longer than my Must-Sees! Ah well, that's what you get for having the travel bug, I guess!


  1. I totally have a hierarchy like this! And the hardest ones are the "revisits" for me because a lot of times I want to share my favorite places with others!

  2. The Greek Islands are STUNNING. I holiday there most because my boyfriend is Greek himself so we go to Athens to see his family and then out to the islands to holiday on the beaches :)
    It's just amazing!


  3. Hong Kong is great, but I'd suggesting waiting a little while for Hong Kong Disneyland. I wasn't so impressed, but they're adding to it. And there's a Shanghai Disney park planned, so if you wait long enough you can hit that up as well.