Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Brown Street Club

A couple of weeks ago we spent an evening at The Brown Street Club in downtown Greenville. This restaurant is conveniently located on Brown Street ;o) and we've wanted to check it out for months and months. They offer live music (usually jazz or jazz composite) most nights of the week...with no cover charge. Of course there is a two drink minimum and the drinks aren't exactly inexpensive...but I can now officially say that checking out Brown Street is more than worth it.

However. Although our meal wasn't awful and the wine list selection was large and varied, I can't say that I was significantly impressed with the menu as a whole and I'll start with the wine: $34 for a bottle of Chateau St. Michele Riesling is highway robbery. Of course I expect to pay far more for a bottle of wine at a restaurant than when I'm buying it at a grocery store, but having eaten at some very high-end restaurants (both in Greenville and elsewhere) I can still say that this is the first time I saw this particular type of wine for more than $28. a $6 difference doesn't sound like a lot but personally I believe that it is, especially if one would usually already be paying over twice the grocery store price for that bottle of wine.

As for the food, my main issue is that the selection and the dishes simply weren't inspired. With this restaurant being close to the price range of American Grocery, Devereaux's, and Northampton Wines, if you're looking for a menu with a wide range and some truly delicious food I'd say eat at one of those three restaurants and leave The Brown Street Club for entertainment purposes.

I wasn't in the mood for steak or chicken, so in the end I decided on a pasta dish. Unfortunately, said pasta dish is served with olives and I'm not a huge olives fan; when I ordered the pasta sans olives the waiter convinced me that if I didn't care for olives I may not care for this dish. I took his advice and instead settled on two appetizers--the Shrimp Bruschetta and the Pimiento Cheese Plate. Steve ordered a trout dish. The trout was pretty tasty and I was pleased with the Pimiento Cheese Plate but the Shrimp Bruschetta were barely passable. I am a big bruschetta fan and I expect the toppings to be fresh; however, the dish I was served at Brown Street was slathered in a thick sauce that was extremely garlicky. And coming from a huge garlic lover, for me to say that there was too much garlic in something is not really a good thing. I just felt as if they were trying to hide the flavor of the shrimp or something along those lines, because again, bruschetta is expected to have a more fresh taste about it, no?

As a whole, I can say that we will absolutely return to the Brown Street Club to check out the cocktail menu and the music...possibly even on a regular basis. But when it comes to food, I do feel that there are better menu selections and better tastes to be had (and at lower prices) in our fine city.
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