Thursday, January 27, 2011

Travel Bucket List: Main Must-Sees

Inspired by a 30-day challenge that I'm doing in my personal blog, I've decided to write up a few different travel bucket lists for myself! I'm such a travel nut, though, that I've decided to break down these lists as follows:
  1. Main Must-Sees
  2. Less Pressing Locales
  3. Specific Sights
  4. Revisits!
Today I'm going to focus on my "Main Must-Sees"...places that I just feel an absolute need to visit. There are plenty of places I'd love to see some day, but when I think "I really need to go here or my life won't feel complete", these are the places that come to mind :)

  • Israel - Having been raised in a very religious home, although I am more spiritual than religious visiting the Holy Land has been and always will be my biggest travel goal!
  • Australia - I've always been intrigued by Australia, but I also have friends that live there so that's what makes it second on this list :)
  • Egypt - The pyramids? Cairo? Alexandria? This one is self-explanatory.
  • Costa Rica - Jurassic Park is set there and as such I've wanted to visit since reading the book.
  • Germany - I come from German stock, so I want to explore my roots.
  • Sweden - I'm also Swedish, so see above ;)
  • England - One word: London. One name: Jane Austen.
  • Thailand - This has been a dream of mine since I saw the movie The Beach. I just think Thailand looks like this wonderful mecca of both paradise-like beaches and an amazing amount of culture and history.
  • South Africa - Five years ago I probably would have said Kenya, but now that I've known a few people who have traveled/lived in South Africa I have changed my mind :)
  • Peru - This is thanks to the movie The Emperor's New Groove. Don't judge.
  • Brazil - Just because.
  • Bora Bora/Tahiti - Yes, I know that they're not the same place, but basically I just want to visit some amazingly pristine island in this area of the South Pacific.
  • As many of the US States as possible! (Needless to say, at the moment I've got 32 checked off already, I think I'm doing all right!) - This is another goal I've had for quite a while, and as such it has been fairly easy for me to check off so many states. I do not count layovers in airports as having been in a state; however, if I drive through a state I do count it because at that point I feel as if I've seen some of what the place has to offer. And I tend to return to states that I've driven through eventually, and stay in them, so there's that. However, I do have some states that are "more important" to check off than others, those being: Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, Missouri (because I want to visit St. Louis) and Oregon (I'm intrigued by Portland).
This year, if all goes as planned, I will check one more US state off my list, as well as Germany :) This list is actually much shorter than it would have been, say, five years ago considering I've checked off places like New Orleans, Chicago, Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland, etc. But I've still got pretty far to go...


  1. You can head to Israel and visit my sister!!! She LOVES it there and doesn't think of ever returning :(

    You INSPIRE me to travel :) Though I don't think I ever want to go to Israel... other places on the map are a must....

  2. can't wait to hear about ur German adventures! :) x Respaced Girl

  3. I recently made a list like this too- a lot of time my "second tier" places include those that I've been to and want to return to, but maybe after I've hit all of my "must sees."

    I found your blog through the discussion at 20sb. Glad I found it!

  4. I had no idea that Jurassic Park was filmed in Costa Rica. I totally want to go. We were supposed to go last year, but the other couple backed out. So maybe next year...

  5. @ Sandy - I don't think it was *filmed* in Costa Rica...I want to say it was filmed in Hawaii? But it takes PLACE in Costa Rica...if you know what I mean :) I mean, the parts of the movie that were filmed in Hawaii were gorgeous but Costa Rica has just always stuck in my mind because JP was/is one of my favorite books/movies ever :)